I'm grey at 30, I used to feel ‘shame’ now I let it grow naturally, people say it's for 'old' people but I don’t care

GETTING grey hair is inevitable as you get older, right? But for one woman, she found herself going grey from the age of 12.

By the age of 29 she had grown so tired of constantly covering up her greys with hair dye, she decided to let them grow out naturally despite jibes that only "old people" should have grey hair like hers.

TikTok user @pipjduma has shared her hair story online and revealed that while she was initially "embarrassed" about going grey so young, she now embraces it.

In fact, she's on a mission to "normalise" grey hair and hopes she can help others who find themselves in a similar situation to her to embrace their natural locks.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, after racking up 1.7million views, she reveals: "I've been growing out my natural grey hair for two years.

"October 2019, when I was 29 years old, I decided I'd had enough of constantly dyeing my hair to cover it up. So I let it grow…

"And let go of all the shame and embarrassment I'd ever felt being so grey at such a young age."

She continued: "I let go of the stigma and idea of a 'beauty standard' and honestly I've never felt so free. I love my greys."

The woman also shared the trolling she can be subjected to because of her grey hairs, with many people telling her "only old people" get grey hairs and she's "too young to have natural greys, you must have dyed it that way".

Explaining why she's decided to share her hair story online, the woman hit back at one person who claimed she was trying to "age more" by rocking silver hair.

Insisting that it was that person's attitude that needs to change not her hair colour, the woman said in another video shared to her profile.

She shared the comment that read: "Why people want to age more with silver hair when they are young!"

When I was 29 years old, I decided I'd had enough of constantly dyeing my hair to cover it up. So I let it grow and let go of all the shame & embarrassment I'd ever felt

The woman said: "I just felt the need to address this particular comment, you know one of the main reasons I decided to document my greying hair and transition online was to help to try and challenge this idea of what 'beauty standards' are supposed to be.

"I spent a lot of my 20s thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed of all my greying hair coming through mainly because of attitudes like this, that seem to tell women – and men – that if you let your grey hair grow through, you are somehow less desirable or you'll be letting yourself go – whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

"I would just much rather be part of a movement that tells people you can be beautiful at any age, that beauty can mean anything to you and that you shouldn't have to be ashamed or feel embarrassed about a hair colour.

"That is literally all it is at the end of the day, it's just a hair colour. Nothing more, nothing less."


Plenty of people have shared their support in the comments posted in response to her videos, with many pointing out that people pay hundreds to achieve the same grey look she has naturally.

"People pay good money for this look! It's absolutely stunning," one person shared.

Another revealed: "I just paid £200 for this hair."

A third wrote: "Gorgeous! And I'm sure you're helping normalise grey hair for other women, which is so valuable. There's nothing wrong with our natural states."

One more posted: "Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Omg."

While others who have found themselves going grey early on too sharing how the woman's videos have helped them to accept their own grey hairs.

One person revealed: "From a 24 year old who is going grey, I needed this."

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