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WITH half-term just around the corner, families up and down the country are preparing for a mini-break.

But before parents can sit back and relax, there’s the small matter of packing to contend with. 

Luckily, a packing pro has shared her top tips on how to remove the stress out of the often tedious task and make sure that you’ve remembered all the essentials. 

Organising pro and cleanfluencer The Folding Lady – real name Sophie Laird – learnt her trade on department shop floors.

Since, she’s shared her folding advice with her social media followers and has now come up with a guide to ensure holiday packing is fuss-free – and, dare we say it, maybe even fun. 

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, The Folding Lady unveiled her easy-to-follow and failsafe method, which is particularly useful when packing for an entire family.

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She explained: “If you’re limited with space when travelling, it’s important to pack efficiently.”

Which is where her number one golden rule comes in – packing or compression cubes, which start at just £5 per cube. 

Sophie continued: “One of my top tips is to use folding cubes to separate your clothes out. 

“The main aim of the game is to create one big rectangle with your clothing item, and then roll and tuck it into the smallest rectangle possible.”

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Speaking about the summer season must-have – which can be bought online from places like Amazon, or on your local high street – The Folding Lady said there is a certain trick to getting it right.

She went on to reveal: “Pick a different cube for a different category of clothing. 

“For example, one cube for swimwear, one for tops/dresses/shorts and one for your shoes and underwear. 

“This way, when you get on holiday, your clothes are nice and organised.”

But The Folding Lady, who recently teamed up with Comfort for a campaign, shared how the cubes have another hidden benefit – they act as a list.

Pick a different cube for a different category of clothing

She said: “It’ll also help you make sure you’ve not left anything behind!”

That’s because when you’re packing and unpacking each themed cube, it’s much easier to realise if you’ve forgotten something glaring.

This comes after the influencer previously lifted the lid on her step-by-step guide to folding tricky items from shirts to sheets. 

She explained: “The most common error when folding items is not following the natural creases of the garment.

“The requirements for folding trousers compared to a hoodie are completely different and so is the outcome.

“If you don’t fold clothes along their creases, you’ll find that your clothes look crumpled and like they need an iron. 

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“Whereas, if you fold your clothes along their seam, they will look crisp and wrinkle free for longer.”

The Folding Lady’s Unfolding Guide

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get our wardrobes ready for the sunny season – which means bringing out the old dresses and shorts you put away in September 2022. But what’s the best way to get your closet organised this time around? Harriet Allen, Marketing Manager at Comfort, said: “With the weather warming up and an increase in the number of daylight hours, it’s no wonder Brits are ready to make the ‘seasonal switchover’. By spending a little extra time and care on your clothes this weekend, not only will they still smell fresh 100 days on, but they’ll feel fantastic too!” Here, The Folding Lady unveils how to get the job done.

  1. First of all, unbox your wardrobe in sections. Take your time taking out your dresses, then shorts, then tops and let them breathe for a little while – especially if they’ve been vacuum packed.
  2. Before you pack away your seasonal clothes for the big switch over, wash your clothes in a fabric conditioner. My favourite fragrance is Comfort Blue Skies. Using a Comfort fabric conditioner will leave your clothes smelling fresh whilst they are in storage, owed to the brand’s 100 days of freshness science. That means your winter wardrobe will smell just as fresh come October. 
  3. You might find that you have a couple of items that don’t suit you like they did last year and might think about what to do with them. Before you get unpacking, set out a pile for donations to a local charity or clothing bank.

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