I’m midsize & tried Amazon’s $22 dupe of Kim Kardashian’s Skims – the cheap one was more flattering | The Sun

IT’S no secret that Skims is pricey, and that means the hunt to find friendly budget alternatives is trending all over TikTok.

In one video, 24-year-old mother Kate Marier compared Skims' iconic sculpting bodysuit to a $20 Amazon version – and, perhaps surprisingly, it turns out that she preferred the dupe. 

The Skims Sculpting Bodysuit retails for $62, costing more than three times the price of the $21.99 Irisnaya shapewear on Amazon.

Holding them up next to each other, Marier noted that “they look about the same.”

The only difference is in the feel of the material.

Talking about the Skims suit, she said that she wore it for “eight hours” and that it was “so comfy.”

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However, Marier added that while the Skims material is “definitely softer,” it “doesn't really do anything to my body.”

She said it just “smooths it out” and “doesn’t cinch in anything.”

Instead, she said that the dupe is so much better at creating that sculpted look as it “cinches in your waist more” than Skims.

Marier concluded of the Skims version: “This one just looks like my body, it’s like whatever, it doesn’t cinch in anything.”

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But she did wonder if she bought the wrong size, adding she bought the small/medium but “might have been a small/x-small.”

Reviewers on Amazon agree with Marier's assessment that the Irisnaya is a good deal, with many commenting that it's a great lower-priced option for Skims shoppers.

"Overall, it feels like really thick, nice quality material. Really holds ya in. If that's what you're looking for, it's a decent affordable Skims dupe," wrote one.

"It does cover your whole behind unlike skims. You will need nipple coverings, but overall, it’s a great dupe fit the price. Does the same as Skims," said another.

"This is such a good skims dupe! I put all my friends onto this, literally an amazing product," wrote a third.

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