I'm plus size and did a mega Shein haul – it was definitely hit and miss, here’s what to nab and what to avoid | The Sun

SHEIN is known for it's stylish bargains and one woman decided to put their clothes to the test.

The XXXXL fashion lover ordered a few different outfits to try on and was left amazed by how good some of them looked.

Kailyn Marie shared the haul on her YouTube channel and decided to stick to an autumnal theme so that she could wear the looks straight away.

She started off with a top that would be perfect for Halloween thanks to the cute pumpkin print, which she bagged for £14.

"I love the cold shoulder, I think it's so sexy but so fun for Halloween so this is right up my ally," she said.

Kailyn also showed off an oversized black and white hoody that looked so comfortable.

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The fashion lover bagged the hoody in a size XXXXL, along with the rest of her haul.

She said: "I really like this hoody, I don't have anything like it and it's comfortable and long enough that you can wear it with leggings."

Next, she showed off a more dressy look ready for party season, which cost £16.

The sheer crop top featured small gold stars and paired amazingly with the ruched skirt.

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"The shirt is a little see-through but you could put a black cami underneath it if you don't want to be able to see your bra," Kailyn said.

The drawstring jeans were the real winner though and Kailyn loved the distressed, ripped look.

She said: "They're not leggings, they're actual jeans but they do have a stretchy waistband and you can make them tighter or looser, they're so cute."

Viewers loved the haul too, one wrote: "I would do the Jean jacket with the pumpkin shirt and a black pair of denim or leggings, would be perfect for a fall outing to the pumpkin patch!"

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Other viewers were quick to point out that the slit on the skirt might be a little too high.

One said: "On the actual website the skirt is meant to show the slit on the side, not on the front because it's so high it literally looks one step away from flashing everyone."

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