I'm plus size and love sitting on my man's lap – but cruel people always say the chair must be made of some strong stuff | The Sun

A PLUS size girlfriend has been trolled for sitting on her Romeo's lap, with people wondering how strong the chair must be.

Like most people, Alex Aspasia, better known to her fans as The Big & Tall Model on TikTok, regularly shares cute videos of her man and their relationship.

But coming in at 23 stone, the 6'0'' stunner has also been subjected to vicious trolling by meanies who comment on her size.

The 28-year-old, from Florida, the US, reckons people are still riled up to see a large woman with a skinnier bloke – and one such video serves as proof.

Here, the dark-haired beauty could be seen sitting on her man's lap, and whilst Alex described it as ''cute'', trolls were quick to comment.

Whilst some were impressed at how strong the chair was, others were convinced he was in pain.

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''Whatever that chair is made out of, I'm building my house from it,'' read the top comment that's been liked more than 400 times.

"People will tell me 'Oh, poor man, she's going to smoosh him to death', or 'he's desperate', or 'she must be paying him to be in a relationship'.

''I mean, the worst things you could think of,'' the model recently opened up.

Hitting back at the meanies, Alex said: "You always hear those stereotypes of chubby chasers, or they fetishize you, or they want to keep you a secret.

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"We never get to see an actual healthy relationship, where people just cherish and love each other for what it is."

Fortunately, it seems that the model is not too bothered about the cruel remarks, as she added that going public with their relationship has also brought a lot of positivity.

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"On the flip side, you know, I get positivity, people are like, maybe I can find a partner who will like me, or maybe I am worthy enough to find love."

Sadly, Alex's not the first woman to be trolled over her body – recently one person's built was compared to a centipede.

Human bodies come in all shapes and sizes – some of us have a smaller chest whilst others are more top-heavy, your friend might have a longer pair of legs than you and so on.

But whilst all of these are completely normal, one woman's body has taken social media by storm, after she posed in a crop top, revealing her enormously long torso.

Emmie, who posts under the username @emmielovescows on TikTok, shared a video of herself dancing.

At the start of the clip, the brunette stunner had zoomed into her face before putting the phone down and moving further away.

Then, towards the middle of the footage, the 22-year-old, who was wearing a brown crop top and a pair of low-rise shorts, revealed her very toned stomach – and unusually long torso.

With close to a whopping 25million views, the video, captioned 'New dance alert', has gone viral and has seen thousands of comments.

For the most part, social media users were making nasty remarks, with some even referring to the New Yorker as a ''centipede''.

One person demanded: ''Do the worm.''

Another wrote: ''You know those big blow up things they have in front of stores that just wave their arms about, can you do that pleeease.''

Seeing Emmie's natural build, a viewer was wondering if they had seen the 22-year-old in a movie before.

''We’re you in the men in black movies [sic],'' they asked, referring to the The Worms or Annelids, the strange alien species in the science fiction comedy film.

''Takes 2 months to get that gut feeling,'' someone else chuckled.

Much to everyone's surprise, the woman has also revealed she's not as tall as people had imagined.

Responding to the comments, Emmie said that she's just 5'3, leaving many in total disbelief.

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The young woman, who some thought should be in the modelling industry, also hit back at the trolls who had left nasty comments.

''Y’all need to learn how to be nice.''

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