I’m proud to be a controversial mum – my kids won’t wear shoes or have swimming lessons, I never play with them either | The Sun

WHEN it comes to parenting, every mum has different priorities.

But one woman, who posts under the acronym @Captain Tucker, took to TikTok and shared the eight controversial ways she's decided to raise her toddlers.

In the initial clip, the social media user, who works in the fishing industry, addresses the first four parenting techniques that others may not agree with and begins: "No swimming lessons – despite living on the waterfront."

She goes on to say how there are also "no high chairs" – not even as a baby – and adds that there's "no structured play."

"I don't entertain them at all," she says.

Finally, Captain Tucker reveals how she doesn't use a pram "unless it's needed to carry toys/shopping."


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She captioned the post: "None of these decisions have been taken lightly."

In a second clip, she shares the rest of her list and continues: "No daycare – they come to work with us or we just don't go to work.

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"No shoes – unless it's too cold or they specifically ask for shoes.

"No playgroup/classes – nothing that's a weekly/fortnightly commitment."

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Finally, she concludes by saying there's no pink or blue.
"My daughter will not have the 'pink option' unless her brother has the same colour," she explains.

The posts have since racked up thousands of views and have been inundated with comments – with very mixed responses.

"We go to playgroup my kids love it, it’s not a commitment just rock up when you have time," wrote one.

The "controversial" mum replied: "I thought about it… but $150 a year when I know we are too busy to make it more than 3 times a year? I can’t justify it."

Another asked: "Why no shoes?"

Captain Tucker responded: "Shoes aren’t actually good for us, like walking on flat surfaces isn’t good for us. Yes it’s convenient, but it won’t help build strong muscles/joints."

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A third penned: "Swimming lessons can save their lives mama."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "What do you mean 'I don’t entertain them at all' — isn’t that just ignoring your kids?"

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