I'm so good at make-up trolls call me a catfish & a clown…beauty fans beg for my tips & no there’s not a filter in sight | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she is so good at make-up that trolls have called her a catfish and a clown.

29-year–old Angela, who posts on TikTok under the username @anchoringangela, regularly shares videos transforming herself from make-up free to fully made up.

In a recent clip, beauty fan Angela responded to a comment from a troll that accused her of being a “clown.”

The comment read: “If you do make-up like this and a man takes you on a date, well he just took a clown out to dinner.”

In response to the nasty comment, Angela first filmed herself wearing a fluffy, grey dressing down, showing off her make-up free face.

She wore her hair up, in a messy bun and laughed, before seconds later, showing off her glamorous make-up look.

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She then changed into an off-the-shoulder, red top and had curled her hair perfectly into place.

She donned a stunning red lipstick, wore a set of large fluttery false eyelashes and her contour was perfectly done.

Social media users were quick to flood the comments, sharing their support for Angela and her incredible make-up skills. 

One person said: “I’m glad you don’t let naysayers get to you. Your talent is incredible. Ignore the 1%.” 

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Another added: “I'm really confused by comments like this on your videos….I see the natural beauty you have just enhanced with makeup. Keep on slaying Queen.” 

A third commented: “A stunning clown. tf? lmao. They're just jealous of your artistry.”

In another clip, Angela explained that all of her transition videos are filter-free.

After receiving a barrage of comments from beauty fans, begging for her make-up secrets, Angela explained that she has a whole host of tutorials on her social media page.

In response to a comment that said: “Girl howwwwwwwwwwwwwww”, Angela noted: “I keep asking if I have tutorials. I DO! I have a whole playlist of them on my page.

"My tutorials are filter free.”

Beauty fans were desperate to know her beauty tips and many begged for tutorials. 

One beauty fan posted: “I'm looking for an eyebrow tutorial and well everything U DO!!! QUEEEEN!!!!!”

Whilst someone else asked: “HOW DO YOU HIDE/COVER THE EYE BAGS?!”

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A third chimed in: “Can you give us a tutorial on this eye look!! I’m obsessed with the inner eyes.”

Meanwhile, another user questioned: “How do you do your brows plz?” 

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