I’ve got naturally big boobs and there’s a disgusting comment men always say – and a ‘joke’ women make too

SHE'S been blessed with naturally big boobs.

But as well as having to cope with people staring, Mikaela Reidy also regularly faces the same comments from strangers – including one very rude one from men.

"POV: You have naturally big boobs," Mikaela began her video, before revealing she's always asked what size they are, and is often told that she's "dressed inappropriately".

"Nice t**s luv," is something she gets from young men, while the most disgusting comment she often hears from gym buffs is: "Big boobs don't count if you're fat".

Meanwhile, women sometimes try to joke with Mikaela, by asking: "OMG Can I have some?

"yes my back hurts," Mikaela captioned her video.

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She was quickly praised for the "accuracy" of her video, with one writing: "Very accurate."

But others had less than complimentary comments to make on the clip.

"Wears a shirt where they are actually hanging out and gets mad when people stare. Girls logic," one wrote.

To which Mikaela replied: "or maybe I just wear what everyone else wears but immediately get sexualised because of something on my body I did not ask for."

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"post for attention but complains when she gets it," another wrote.

While someone else commented: "Natural… you just eat too much tubby."

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"I’m with the what size are they dude," another comment read.

As someone else wrote: "So…..what size are they tho?"

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