Kenneth Cole Teams Up With Zynga in ‘High Heels!’ Game

Kenneth Cole and Zynga, a global leader in interactive entertainment, have partnered to introduce the Kenneth Cole Pride 2021 collection in the hit game “High Heels!”

This collaboration represents the first time that Cole’s style will be featured in a mobile game. For the first two weeks of June, gamers will be able to outfit their character and strut the virtual runway in items from the Kenneth Cole Pride 2021 collection. That includes the brand’s iconic Kam sneakers with rainbow stripe, shirts with a rainbow graphic that says “Being Different Is What We Have in Common,” and other accessories such as a watch, sunglasses and mask lanyards.

For every Pride product purchased on, a percentage of net sales will be donated to the Mental Health Coalition, which Cole founded in 2020. MHC offers resources specific to LGBTQ communities, including an LGBTQ mental health guide and the ability to connect with its member organizations for support.

“As a brand, we have been supporting equal rights for the LGBTQ community for almost 30 years. For our latest initiative, in recognition of Pride, we are proud to partner with Zygna, a company with shared values, to further highlight the importance of inclusion and acceptance,” said Kenneth Cole, chairman and chief creative officer of Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. “We are including our Pride product in ‘High Heels!,’ allowing millions of people to experience celebrating Pride, and as a reminder that ‘being different is what we have in common.’”

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Frank Gibeau, chief executive officer of Zynga, added, “At Zynga, we believe, unequivocally, that our strength is in our diversity and that we are called to celebrate our differences. We are proud to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in celebration of Pride Month.” He said he was excited to be partnering with a boundary-pushing brand like Cole to increase representation “in our games and empower players to show their pride, spirit and fashion in ‘High Heels!’ — it’s a perfect fit.”

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Developed by Rollic, a subsidiary of Zynga, “High Heels!” has been downloaded more than 60 million times around the world. In the game, players maneuver an increasingly challenging catwalk in high heels, which stack higher as they complete levels. The stakes rise as players progress through a series of worldwide fashion shows in global cities including London, Beijing, Paris and New York. Earning access to new customization elements as they advance, players can update their character with new clothing, fashion, hairstyles and shoes.

“High Heels!” is available to download for free on the App Store, as well as Google Play.



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