Kickstart your health and skin with these detox cleanses during lockdown

TOO much alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle and the heating cranked up during lockdown has played havoc with our health and skin. 

Now is the time to kickstart your system. Today I have looked at detox cleanses that get delivered to your door and our Beauty Editor has put face masks to the test…


with Jane Atkinson


  • Lemonkind Purify And Debloat 1 Day Reset Cleanse designed for a quick restart and debloat is an eye-watering £115.20, – buy here

Lemonkind juices come in packets that last for a year without preservatives because the dark pouches don't let in oxygen or light. 

Each day you get superfood mixes such as their 'chlorella infused greens' with cucumber, apple, lemon, spinach, kale, ginger and chlorella. 

Really smooth and not heavy.  Loved the taste and all the nutrition facts are clearly displayed on each pouch. Also great that you don't clog up your freezer. 

Having 8 x 354ml juices is great as you feel like you are regularly refuelling. I love their convenience. The downside is it is an American company so it's very expensive to import. Plus they are not fresh. 


  • Nosh Detox, £53 for a one-day programme or £165 for three, – buy here

Nosh Detox has won loads of awards and does various types of fasts and programmes. It prides itself on smoothies and juices that are the closest thing to eating raw fruits and vegetables. 

I tried the Winter Cleanse – you get 2 x 500ml soups, 2 x 500ml smoothies and a lemon ginger tonic per day.  Each smoothie contains 500ml of fresh, raw, unprocessed, and naturally blended juices which are mainly fruits. 

The tonic fights toxins and speeds up digestion. The soups are great for people who are scared of cleansing.

Plus they are thick and filling and perfect for this time of year. These arrive fresh but you can freeze them.  


  • Think Press, a three-day cleanse is £99, – buy here

This is the cheapest and my favourite. This is a cleanse with 3 x 500ml raw and organic cold pressed juices plus two 500ml nut milks. 

You don’t feel as though you are really depriving yourself because of the milks. I love the fact you can continue to work out because you are getting enough energy on this one – 1,260kcal per day.

These come frozen and you defrost the day before you need them. They had nutritional information on each bottle too. 

The ‘Fresh Green’ smoothie with cucumber, apple, spinach, lemon and ginger was delicious. It’s the same price if you want to pick and choose your own personalised package of any juices and nut milks too. Will definitely do this again. 


with Gabriella Stein


  • Soak Sunday clay face mask, 50g, £16, – buy here

100% natural kaolin clay mask to draw out impurities, reduce appearance of pores and leave skin soft and revitalised.

Vitamin-rich rosehip hydrates and firms the skin whilst aloe vera heals and soothes.

Smells amazing, like a spa, and instantly relaxes you once it’s applied. However it’s a little more time consuming than the other options.

The powder needs to be mixed with water first to form a paste, then is applied using the brush provided. I left it on for 10 minutes, skin was brighter and it did reduce pores. 


  • Sienna X Miracle Mask, 50ml, £38, – buy here

A multi-use face mask enriched with 10% manuka honey to soothe skin as well as natural antioxidant oat-kernel oil.

Also contains natural prebiotic chicory root extract. Can be applied as a mask by leaving on for 10 minutes before rinsing, as well as left on overnight or used as moisturiser.

It looks and smells like honey, but with a thinner consistency. Applied beautifully and skin was left unbelievably soft afterwards.

I have oily skin so used as a mask – but would be fantastic left on overnight for drier skin-types. 


  • Shane Cooper oxygenation mask, 50ml, £90, – buy here

High-end at-home treatment that encourages tissue oxygenation and cell regeneration to leave skin radiant and renewed. After applying to clean skin, I left for a few minutes as it started foaming up, which felt ticklish on the skin, I then massaged in for a further two minutes before rinsing.

Antioxidant vitamin E is the key ingredient and helps to hydrate and protect the skin.

Pricey but afterwards skin felt brand new, like I’d just had a facial. After using it regularly 3 times per week my complexion was clearer too. My favourite!

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