LadBaby mum shuts down Hamley’s to shop for son’s third birthday party & jokes they’re taking tips from Kim Kardashian

PARENTS have been known to go all-out for their kid’s birthday party and LadBaby are no different.

LadBaby, aka Mark Hoyle, along with his wife Roxanne, aka LadBabyMum, took their son’s third birthday to the next level.

The pair got the opportunity to shut down Hamley’s toy store in London for son Kobe’s birthday.

Mark and Roxanne with sons Kobe and Pheonix got the run of the store and the opportunity to live out every kid’s dream with no one else on site to hamper the fun.

Mark said: “It’s not every day you get to have the run of the most famous toy store in the world.

“I’m not sure who was more excited, the kids or us."

Although it wasn’t just Kobe and Phoenix that got to live the dream – Rox took advantage of the opportunity as well.

He said: “I had to hold Rox back from playing with absolutely everything and remind her that the day was about the kids.”

But despite having the opportunity to grab and play with anything and everything, Kobe and Pheonix were more excited about the experience of being in a huge toy shop alone.

The birthday treats sounds like something out of a fantasy.

The boys weren’t overly enamoured with wanting lots of toys, as they each left with some Lego.

Last year Mark built Legoland in the back-garden for Kobe’s birthday after a planned trip to the real Legoland was cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

Roxanne said: “Mark has always gone all out to make sure the kids have the best Birthdays ever!

“But after building Legoland and now shutting down Hamley’s for us, I’m not sure what he is going to do to top that for Kobe’s 4th Birthday. 

“I’m hoping he’s taking notes from Kim Kardashian and might shut down Disneyland for the day or create Kidchella UK style.”

So watch out – we can surely expect big things for the next big bash from LadBaby.

In just four years, LadBaby have brought us hilarious videos on parent hacks and budget saving tips, where they have amassed a global audience of 11 million.

LadBaby's day at Hamley's can be seen on their channel.

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