Laundry expert reveals the one washing tip which will save you time AND money and all you need is a freezer

IF you're looking for a new way to organise your laundry room to make washing your clothes more appealing, we've got a few tips you might want to take on board.

Laundryheap CEO Deyan Dimitrov has provided his top tips and tricks for creating the ultimate space, which will not only look great but creating new habits will save you time and money too.

Keep a freezer nearby

Believe it or not, the humble freezer can help solve a wide range of laundry problems, so it would be great to have one handy.

"Scratchy knitwear can be softened by popping the items into a freezer bag and leaving in the freezer overnight," Deylan explained. "Doing so will lock the fibres in place, so they don’t shed and poke into you."

This will also help keep your garments in good condition for longer, saving you money in the long run.

What's more, soaking iron-stained laundry in ice water can also help significantly lighten a stain, or remove it completely.

And an ice-cube thrown in the tumble tumble drier with a load will reduce the need for ironing later saving you both time AND money.

Back to basics

We get it, floral scented fabric conditioners and silky smooth softeners are incredibly dreamy, but they're also costing you a fortune.

Instead, Deyan said to strip it all back and just use white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda instead, which do the exact same thing, for less.

The laundry pro said: "As a natural fabric softener, vinegar helps to soften clothes naturally. But unlike conventional softeners, it can also be used on items like baby clothes and activewear without disrupting their special properties."

He suggested pouring half a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine drawer during the final rinse cycle – it's as simple as that.

But what about the smell? That's where bicarbonate of soda comes in and, according to Deyan, it's a great alternative to harsh detergents.

He explained: "A little known fact is that using more than the recommended amount of detergent is counterproductive – the additional suds will trap dirt and odour instead of lifting it away.

"To control the suds, and tackle odours more effectively, sprinkle half a cup of baking soda into the washing machine drum before loading with laundry and wash as normal."

Keep things refillable and packaging-free 

If you want to streamline your your laundry process, package-free is the way to go – and it's good for the planet too.

Take inspiration from Stacey Solomon and her dreamy pink paradise laundry room.

With cupboards full of refillable tubs and jars, the space instantly looks more pleasant rather than chaotic and messy.

Deyan said to invest in a "range of glass storage jars and decant your favourite products into them".

Better yet, try making the switch to brands that offer refillable products with minimal packaging.

"Not only will it make your laundry room look chic and organised, it can significantly reduce your impact on the environment," he said.

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Put it all on display 

If you really want to impress, Deyan reckons you should put your super organised laundry supplies on display.

He said: "Maximise counter space by installing some shelves, and proudly line up your glass canisters for all to admire."

For an elevated look, he said to opt for a monochromatic colour theme- we're looking at you, Stacey Solomon.

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