Mandy Moore Is the Latest Celebrity to Wear This Skin-Friendly Face Mask Everyone Loves

I don't know about you, but I've gotten so used to wearing a disposable face mask that I hardly even notice it anymore. It's just a habit of mine now; throw on a face mask when I go outside, keep it on until I get back home. I'm safe! My face is warm! I'm kinda, sorta incognito. It's a win-win, right? If you have the right face mask, that is. 

Part of why I actually enjoy wearing mine is because I've found one that I can actually stand wearing for hours on end: The Evolvetogether disposable masks are some of the best skin-friendly options I've tried, and I'm not alone in thinking that. So many celebs have been wearing them, too, like Mandy Moore, who just inspired me to scoop up a new color ASAP.

Moore wore her mask while what looked to be on set somewhere (probably This Is Us). She went with one of the new colorways — the malmö, a sleek and simple khaki hue that pairs well with everything. I own the black, gray, and white options, but there's something about this beige that feels so spot-on for fall.

The Moore-approved mask — which is also one of the only ones I wear — is made with a four-layer design that keeps the mask lightweight, breathable, but still protective. It has two water-resistant exterior layers (perfect for the impending snow), a filter, and a moisture-wicking interior in case you're prone to face sweat (like me!), resulting in a disposable face mask that filters 98 percent of bacteria and 95 percent of non-bacteria — like allergens and pollution.

Shop now: $36;

The adjustable nose wire is another huge plus because it allows for a super tight fit, essential when wearing a mask. Plus, I recently tested how the mask holds up against fogging glasses at a concert, and it passed with flying colors. Comfy ear loops ensure easy, comfy wear, while the stamped logo on the corner makes the mask feel a little bit more elevated. 

The brand also recently released KN95 versions of its best-selling masks, seen on Sarah Jessica Parker. They're a bit harder to get your hands on; every restock sells out in what feels like two minutes, but the khaki KN95 and a variety pack of colors is still available if you want that extra, extra protection going into fall.

Shop some more options below to ensure you're stocked up.

Shop now: $36;

Shop now: $36;

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