McDonald’s McNuggets come in four shapes only including ‘the boot’ – and it’s blowing people’s minds

MCDONALD’S fans have been left baffled after learning that their nuggets come in four shapes only, including “the boot”.

Next time you tuck into your tasty Chicken McNuggets, take a moment to study them carefully before you scoff the lot.

The four shapes are the ball, the bell, the bone (also known as the bow-tie) and the boot.

According to McDonald's Canada, the four shapes the Chicken McNuggets are made to create "the perfect equilibrium of dip-ability and fun".

Apparently, three would've been "too few" while five would have been "wacky".

On its Q&A page, the company explained: "Our Chicken McNuggets are shaped uniquely for kids and kids at heart – it makes dipping more fun."

It added they make them similar in size to "ensure consistent cooking times for food safety in all McDonald’s restaurants".

So how do they make them into these four individual shapes?

A video produced by McDonald's Canada reveals that shapes are all the same width and are "pressed out with a rolling cookie cutter".

After the nuggets are shaped, they are then coated in two layers of batter before being dispatched to the fryers, where they're partially cooked.

Finally the McNuggets are frozen and packaged to be shipped off to McDonald's restaurants, where they are completely cooked through ready for our consumption.

A shocked mum took to Facebook to share how she was left amazed at the discovery.

She wrote: “Things I've learnt, there are 4 shapes!!! Mind is blown!

“The NAMES are REAL!!! I  thought I'd made them up!!!

“The Great debate…McDonalds, what's your favourite Nugget?”

She wasn’t the only McDonald’s fan to be surprised by the discovery, with one writing: “Never knew this.”

Another added: “Really? Flip I knew they were different shapes but never knew it was an actual thing with names for them all lol.”

So, which is your favourite nugget shape?

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