Meet the Anti-Rich Kids of Instagram who stick apples to their laptops and draw on Rolex’s to poke fun at spoilt society show offs

LET'S be honest – whenever we see one of the Rich Kids of Instagram boasting about their lavish designer wardrobes or their exotic five-star holidays online, we can't help but feel a little jealous.

Well the next time you're struck by envy when presented with a youngster bathing in champagne (yes, that's really happened), we'd highly recommend seeking out the ANTI-Rich Kids of Instagram for a much-needed reality check.

From drawn-on Rolex's to makeshift Apple laptops, people are sharing their imaginative attempts to recreate these social media star's lavish lifestyles using the hashtags #NotARichKidOfInstagram and #BudgetLife.

Inspired by the Rich Kids of Instagram's extravagant displays of wealth, this hilarious gallery also includes another jokester trying (and failing) to live the high life with their fake Mercedes Benz and Starbucks coffee cup.

Although our personal hero has got to be the wannabe fashionista shamelessly trying to convince everyone that her leather sliders are from Gucci.

Now THIS is some social media content we can seriously relate to.

Designer dupe

All about that brand

Halfway there

Money matters

An honest flatlay

So close… yet so far

Supermarket sweep


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