Meghan Markle has a ‘need to be admired’ while Kate Middleton is ‘the peacemaker’, the royal star signs reveal

IN 2020, the traditional, predictable Royal Family dynamics and storylines have totally gone out of the window.

Things have gotten a whole lot more ‘Game of Thrones’ than ‘The Archers’, if we are to believe the rumours.

Rivalries, tensions, power plays, feuds, splits and drama; the plot has thickened.

Looking at the astrological signs of the main four couples helps us to spot the cosmic forces at play amongst this intriguing, modern family, according to Kerry Ward, aka Tarotbella.

Here she uses her cosmic powers to reveal which members of the royal family get on best, who's at odds and which is the strongest power couple.

Prince William (Cancer) and Kate (Capricorn)

William is a Cancerian, like his mother Diana (and his step mother Camilla).

Cancerians are emotional, compassionate, secretive, and intuitive. They are incredibly charming and understanding (they get what makes people tick), but their mood can turn in a heartbeat (they are notoriously over-sensitive), and they will strike an opponent down ruthlessly.

Kate is a strong, family-orientated, ambitious and practical Capricorn.

She enjoys the advantage of being the opposite sign of her husband and Camilla (meaning their signs are instantly attracted to each other), and the same elemental group (Earth) as her brother in law, Harry, and her grandmother in law, The Queen.

So, Kate is uniquely positioned as compatible with someone from each of the four main Royal couples. Kate is the hub of this group. She can communicate across divides.

She and William are opposite signs. There is a strong, compelling bond between them: a bit of a yin and yang, each person fulfilling a lack that the other identifies with.

William and Kate, together, create the complete package. They are THE ~power couple~.

Prince Harry (Virgo) and Meghan (Leo)

Harry is a self-critical, perfectionist, charming-on-the-outside-but-tortured-inside Virgo.

Meghan is a bold, bright, confident and needs-to-be-admired Leo. Both are incredibly proud, a little ~touchy~, and intent on controlling their own destiny.

Harry’s Earth sign dominance (his sun, moon and rising signs are ALL Earth-based) makes him pretty stoic and literally down-to-earth, he thinks actions speak louder than words and takes a pragmatic approach to life.

Meghan needs to talk a lot more, is much more demonstrative, and enjoys chewing over the dynamics and chemistry she sees at play.

Meghan’s Leo personality makes her a natural performer, at ease with others, a warm and friendly presence (until she feels ~slighted~ and then the fur flies, Leos are very proud people). Harry wants to be respected, but Meghan wants to be loved.

Harry enjoys an elemental bond with the other Earth signs in the group (The Queen and Kate) and shares a ruling planet (Mercury) with Prince Philip which helps them communicate.

Meghan, however, is astrologically adrift in this group of people.

There are no other Fire signs, no one with whom she shares her ruling planet (the sun), nor are there any Aquarians (her opposite sign).

This is a recipe for her ending up feeling isolated and misunderstood.

Prince Philip (Gemini) and The Queen (Taurus)

Prince Philip is the only Gemini in this group, in fact the only Air sign too, so he sometimes feels at odds with the others, and not on their wavelengths.

Geminis are independent, witty, ~naughty~, curious, fickle and flighty.

They get bored very easily, and can get themselves into tremendous scrapes as a result (although they’re well-versed at talking their way out of trouble).

The Queen, as a stable, stoic and analytical Taurus, will have a long history of ~eye rolling~ at her husband’s antics.

Taureans don’t suffer fools gladly, but nor do they like parting with anything (or anyone), so their relationships tend to last the distance (even the troubled ones).

Philip and Harry share the same ruling planet of Mercury. This helps them communicate easily and at length, they both like to know what’s going on, and to discuss it.

They are the more talkative and sharing members of the Royal group.

The Queen belongs to the same elemental group (Earth) as Kate and Harry, so those three also view and treat life in a practical, action-focussed way.

She is also the opposite sign of Charles (Scorpio) which gives them a unique bond. In many ways, they are total opposites and may clash terribly, but they still value and need the others’ opinion and good favour.

Prince Charles (Scorpio) and Camilla (Cancer)

This is not a couple you want to cross! They are joined at the hip, aligned emotionally and spiritually, and will back each other up even when they’re wrong.

There is a deep, romantic, cerebral and cosmic bond between these two; woe betide anyone who tries to undermine that.

Charles is a guarded, proud, dynamic and sexual Scorpio. The Scorpio personality is confident and powerful, and they’re not a sign you want as an enemy.

They have long memories for grudges, and they will exact revenge, in fact they kind of enjoy it.

Camilla is also from the Water elemental group (so she and Charles are naturally compatible) and is a Cancerian.

More emotional, compassionate and loving than Scorpio, but equally as secretive and vengeful when crossed. Together, they make a strong force.

Charles’ greatest allies in the family are The Queen (his opposite sign) and William (another Water sign).

This trio (funnily enough, the descending line to the throne) share an astrological bond and an innate understanding of how they each think and feel about things, even if they don’t agree.

They can talk at length, and in depth. Even curiouser, young George is also a Cancerian, and so he fits straight into this easy dynamic too. Those in line to the throne are also cosmically aligned.

The Royal Children

George is a Cancer (like Prince William and Camilla)- emotional, dreamy, moody, empathetic, grudge-holding but lovable.

Archie, Charlotte and Louis are ALL Taureans (like The Queen). Stubborn, stoic, practical and durable.

Taurus is the sign of the bull; reflecting the dual nature of their personalities (homely docility vs fearful wilfulness when roused!).

George may find himself the ~odd man out~ with his siblings and cousin, not least because of his legacy, but also his astrological sign.

Great care should be taken to nurture and build the bonds between them in as many other ways as possible. Cracks mustn’t widen into chasms.

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