Meghan Markle wore a sleeveless dress to Baby Sussex reveal as she's 'suffering with the mum sweats', doctor explains

MEGHAN Markle looked amazing as she introduced Baby Sussex to the world today – but she wasn't exactly dressed for the weather.

As Brits all over the country were sheltering from the constant downpour, the Duchess of Sussex opted for to wear a white trench dress by Grace Wales Bonner – with bare arms.

And a doctor has revealed this could be down to a phenomenon known as 'mum sweats'.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and Clinical Director of, told Fabulous Digital: "Meghan may have opted to wear a sleeveless dress because, like many new mums, she's feeling a bit hotter than usual.

"After you have your baby, it’s not uncommon to sweat more than usual, especially at night.

"It’s thought to be down at least in part to hormone changes – your hormones go through pretty dramatic swings after pregnancy.

Mum sweats: the facts

  • 81% of women experience hot flashes during pregnancy, according to University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
  • You may think all this is over once you give birth, but your body starts changing again when your milk comes in.
  • “Hot flushes are quite usual post-birth, because when your breast milk comes in your body increases in temperature by about half a degree,” midwife Jacqui Tomkins, from the London Birth Practice, told Made for Mums.
  • This normally last for seven or eight days, but some women experience night sweats for up to six weeks.

"They can also lead to baby blues – mood swings and weepiness.

"This usually comes on a few days after delivery and settles on its own within about 10 days."

Meghan, 37, is likely to have a team of experts surrounding her at the moment, given that her son is a royal heir.

And Dr Sarah warned sweating after giving birth can be a sign of something more serious.

She said: "It is important to remember that if you are sweating a lot and also have a fever or feel generally unwell, you must tell your GP or midwife – this could be a sign of infection."

Meghan has also been praised for showing off her postpartum bump like Kate Middleton and 'not squeezing into size eight jeans'.

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