Mrs Hinch fan gets grim, rusty toaster looking brand new thanks to 42p product

CRUMBS, stains and even burn marks – the tops of our toasters certainly get the brunt of the toasting process.

But Mrs Hinch fans have come up with an and easy way of restoring a toaster to its former glory – and it costs just 42p.

"Tips and tricks to clean the top of my toaster would be much appreciated, thanks," one person wrote on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook.

The poster also shared a picture of their toaster, which was scorched with burn marks and stains.

And of all the suggestions, tomato sauce was among the most popular.

"Red sauce and tin foil," one person wrote, to which another added: "Agree! Mine looks like new now!"

"Tomato sauce and scrunched up foil," someone else commented, as another agreed: "10000 per cent works."

Given that tomato ketchup costs from just 42p, the cleaning hack is also one that won't break the bank.

The reason it works is that the high acidity of ketchup – which has an average pH of 3.85 – means it can break down the carbon that creates tarnish on metals.

Other suggestions on the group included the much beloved Pink Stuff and Cif.

Another person claimed that Barkeepers Friend is the perfect way to remove the toaster marks, writing: "Bar keepers friend.

“Sprinkle it on a damp cloth and rub it on. I run a cleaning business and do this on a weekly basis.”

This mum also turned to the Mrs Hinch Facebook group after her Elf on the Shelf arrival left her with a stained wooden floor.

Another fab tip shares on the group was that mayonnaise is a great way to remove water rings from wooden furniture.

This Mrs Hinch fan has a genius way of getting rid of the cigarette smell in her home.

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