Mum fed up of bathtime 'screaming matches' praises £3 Tesco shampoo for sorting her daughter’s matted hair

LET'S be honest – getting your kids to have a bath can be a battle in itself. But add hair washing into the mix and you're waging a full-on war.

Well if your little ones burst into tears at the mere sight of a comb, then you might want to head down to your nearest Tesco ASAP.

That's right, mums are singing the praises of a £3 product which they claim effortlessly gets through even the most matted of hair.

Posting on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, one impressed parent raved about Child's Farm 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner which she picked up in Tesco.

She wrote: "My daughter get such bad knots and tangles matts super quick and she hates her hair being washed brushed so it’s a screaming match every day."

Although the mum bought the multipurpose product for her youngest child, she decided to try it on her seven-year-old daughter's long locks – and was amazed when the knots appeared to just "melt away".

She continued: "I put a big dollop in and pulled the hairs apart then put the brush through.

"I was so surprised now I don’t need to cut her hair!"

Along with the rave review, the mum shared a photo of her daughter's sleek, knot-free hair after using the product.

And not only does the rich formula work make it easier to brush through knots – but the product is also suitable for kids with sensitive skin.

Her post has racked up over 300 "likes" in the group and other parents were quick to share their own experiences of the product.

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One replied: "I use this on my little girl with bum length hair – makes hair so soft and easy to brush for sure. Love it!"

Another added: "I love this shampoo use it on my kids and it's the best one I've found."

A third wrote: "I use this, the whole family uses it. Perfect for my step-daughter who hates having her hair washed! Leaves it lovely and silky.

"I have really long hair and hair dressers always comment on what good condition it’s in. And I’ve only used this 2 in 1 once every 7-10 days for last 20 months. Little goes a long way!"

What's more, mums have also said this £7 eBay brush is the "best money they've ever spent" in how easily it gets through tangled hair.

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