Mum issues stark warning to parents to check their baby bath tubs after she accidentally washed her baby in mould | The Sun

A MUM has issued a stark warning to parents after she accidentally washed her baby in mould. 

Holly said she felt sick and disgusted when she realised her mistake. 

She said: “I bathed my baby in mould. I'm literally the worst mum ever.”

Holly explained her second son was only a week old and she was using baby materials from her previous pregnancy. 

The mum of two said: “My perfect little newborn. He's only a week and 1/2 old, and I bathed him in mould.”

She confessed: “I am so grossed out and so embarrassed that I did that.”

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Holly said: “I wasn't going to share, but I feel like it's important to share so other moms know that this can happen.”

She explained: “He's my second baby, and so I had all the baby stuff stored in the attic, and I got it out a few weeks ago, cleaned it all up, and I thought we were good to go.”

Holly had no idea the her child bath seat was removable. 

She said: “This is what it looks like with the seat on. And I cleaned it, and I didn't realise that this part came off, and so this mould was under there.

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“This is actually really difficult to get off, but when you pull it off, there's mould. It's horrible. It's literally so disgusting.”

The mum of two confessed she wasn't sure she should even clean the baby bath seat and was considering replacing the whole thing. 


She said: “I don't even know if I should clean it or just throw it away. I guess I'm gonna try bleaching it.”

“But I don't know if you have this kind of baby bath, seriously, take the seat off, deep clean it. Um, I had no idea.”

Holly’s warning went viral with over 1.6 million views. 

One user suggested: “Throw it away and get the Angelcare baby bath! 100% recommend! 10/10.”

Another said: “Soak in vinegar and then bleach it. If you bleach it first the mould will come back with vengeance.”

“I bath with my child till they learn to sit up,” said a third viewer. 

A fourth mum claimed: “Just watched this, ran upstairs to check & my babies bath has the same exact thing .. mould.”

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