Mum reveals trick to make sure fussy kids ALWAYS want their food & it will only take you a second

A MUM has revealed her genius trick to make sure even the fussiest of kids don't turn their noses up at your cooking.

And it will only take you a second to turn their reactions around.

Posting on TikTok, as The Ong Squad, the Canadian mum-of-four showed herself making packed lunches.

In the clip, she says: "Kids, come and get your lunch for school", before being asked: "What are we having?"

When she tells them "chicken nuggets and apples", she's met with a resounding "aww".

"It's your favourite," she replies, before being asked: "Can we have something else please?"

So the savvy mum says: "Alright, give me a minute" and simply transfers the food from a zip up lunchbox into a McDonald's Happy Meal container.

This time, the kids give her a resounding "Yay! That's my favourite" when she passes on the meals.

She captions the clip: "It's all in the presentation", adding: "Mom hack: save those @McDonalds Happy Meal boxes!"

Her fellow mums replied: "Hahah I've been collecting them all summer", "I love all your videos" and "good idea".

Other said called her the "smartest mom" and said: "I would slice the apples and put it in a plastic bag it'll be more believable".

And others joked: "The box makes it taste way better".

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