Mum shares her simple tip to rid kettle of limescale after her tea started tasting ‘odd’ & all you need is some fruit

A MUM has shared her simple tip for getting rid of caked-on limescale from inside her kettle – and all you need is a piece of fruit. 

The woman thought her tea was tasting a bit “odd”, so she “popped her head inside the kettle”. 

The mum, from Australia, was horrified by what she saw, with a thick layer of limescale coating the bottom. 

She admitted it was “gross”, but luckily she had a simple solution to clean it. 

The mum chopped up a few lemons, and popped them inside the kettle and then let it boil. 

After tipping out the fruit, the kettle looked as good as new – and presumably her tea is back to normal. 

She shared her nifty tip to Facebook group Mums Who Clean, where hundreds of people liked her post. 

Commenting online, one person said: “My hubby didn't believe this would work! Loved proving him wrong."

Someone else said: "Wow! We literally looked in the bottom of our kettle to see this, this morning. Thanks for the tip!"

While a third commented: "Just a heads up for next time, one lemon even half is enough. Same end result."

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