Mum transforms dated kitchen for just £100 by PAINTING everything (and she even did the sink)

A THRIFTY mum was so fed up with her uninspiring wooden kitchen that she decided to totally transform it, without splashing the cash on professional help.

Ditching the expertise of builders to take on the project herself, Becky Lane, 34, managed to create her dream kitchen – and on a budget of just £100.

The DIY fan, who shares her renovation projects online via her Instagram account @21oakham, moved from London to Surrey and quickly grew tired of her all-wood kitchen that made for a dull and dark space.

Wanting to keep costs down, she decided to give the kitchen a complete makeover on a small budget by painting everything – including the sink.

Working with what she had, Becky revealed to Tap Warehouse that she stocked up on chalk furniture paint from Wilkinson for £10 a can to brighten up the space.

"It was mainly all paint that the money was spent on. I bought 4 pots of Wilkinson chalk furniture paint (£10 each) as I wanted a matte finish instead of satin or gloss," she explained.

"I painted the tiles in Ronseal for £10 tile paint and then used a varnish over the top for £9. For the floor, I used an extreme power cleaner with a drill brush scrubbing set which I already own from another project.

"Then for finishing touches door handles which are £14 from eBay and spray paint costing £15.”

All in all, the work took Becky a weekend and a few evenings when her children were asleep to complete.

She said: “The kitchen was dark pine and not to our taste. But also made the space feel very dark and depressing when we wanted a lighter airy, modern feel."

She set to work cleaning all the units and sanding them down, before painting the tiles with three coats of paint and a varnish finish and the cupboard units with two coats of white paint.

Becky replaced all the handles on the cupboard doors with chic brass furnishings and wanting to tackle the sink too, the savvy mum decided to invest in spray paint to turn the sideboard and surround white.

"We were left with a silver steel sink which didn’t go at all with the gold fixtures… I’ve never seen a sink spray painted before, I was worried the paint may chip away due to use," she said.

"We decided to leave the basin as it gets the most amount of wear but spray the sideboard and the surround. We feel it’s really set off the kitchen and love it. Then the final job was adding the new gold handles which also help with finishing the full look."

Tips to transform your kitchen on a budget

Tap Warehouse shares their top tips…

  • 1.Transform kitchen cupboards with paint and new door handle – A lick of paint can leave your once unfavourable kitchen cupboards looking completely brand new – replacing old door handles with new ones, like gold or brass, can really give it a stylish finish.
  • 2. Use plants and accessories to add a luxury feel – Accessorising your kitchen costs very little and can make a huge difference in its appearance. House plants can brighten up the space and matching your kitchen appliances to the room's aesthetics will always add a chic touch.
  • 3. Cute storage baskets for on display shelves – Cute storage baskets sitting on shelves is a great way to hide away the bits and bobs you don't want to be out on display and they make your kitchen look super on-trend. 
  • 4. Use Pinterest for inspiration – Pinterest is a great starting point for any DIY room transformation. If there’s something in your kitchen which you know you can’t afford to change, try to look for themes that match with the element you can’t change and use that as your starting point.

Becky kept the same tile floor and dressed up her lighter kitchen with stylish decor, including a brass statement mirror, wicker baskets and house plants to give it a much fresher feel.

She shared before and after shots of the DIY project to Instagram, with nearly 1000 people liking her post and plenty commenting on how "amazing" they thought the finished result looked.

One person posted: "This is fab, I need to do this to mine!!"

Another said: "Such an insane transformation, it looks gorgeous."

Keen to know more, a third commented: "This is absolute inspo, we have a kitchen that is the same orange hued pine I really hate it, can you give a run down of how you achieved this?"

"Beautiful transformation and what a barg," said one more follower, while another shared: "Wow, what a difference."

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