Mum transforms her dull beige carpet by DYING it grey but people warn her she’s made a big mistake

A MUM who was bored of her dull, beige carpets decided to take a ‘risk’ and dye them – but people have warned her she’ll regret it. 

The woman decided to give the room a mini-makeover, and dyed the carpet a stylish grey. 

While she was chuffed with the results, multiple people warned her dye has been known to rub off, and end up patchy. 

She shared her DIY project to Facebook group to DIY On A Budget UK, where she said: “So thought I'd take the risk to dye my carpets and now I love them.” 

The DIY fan confirmed she used Dylon wash & dye in black, mixed with Simplicol fabric paint in dolphin gray 

She explained her method, saying: “So I mixed these two colours together works amazing . 

“Use 5 tsp scoops of grey and 5 tsp scoops of black in a 6 litre spray gun. 

“Spray a small area then use a scrubbing brush and scrub the area to blend it all in I have another three rooms to do yet so I will video what I do. 

“Really recommended it. ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES VERY STRONG DYE.”

But more than 1,000 people liked the post, as they pointed out Dylon has advised people against dying carpets with their products.

DYLON machine Dyes are not suitable for wool and nylon, from which carpets are most commonly produced

Commenting on the post, one person said: “Dylon put a statement out advising not to do this.”

Another wrote: “Until it all goes patchy and rubs off on your feet.”

A third wrote: “When the carpets get ruined.”

While this person added: “Comes off on your feet apparently.” 

After reading the numerous warnings, the woman added: “Whatever happens, happens but I love it and have no complaints so far. Just experiment on an old carpet.” 

Responding to the rise in people dying their carpets, Rachel Ferreira, Brand Manager at DYLON, said: "DYLON Machine Dyes are only to be used in front-loading automatic washing machines, and cannot be used by hand or painted onto fabric.

"The all-in-one formula has a ratio of dye too elevated for the hand dye process.

"DYLON machine Dyes are not suitable for wool and nylon, from which carpets are most commonly produced, as such materials cannot be recoloured with the use of domestic dyes."

And added: "It’s important to note that carpets are often treated with a special finish to increase lifespan and prevent staining, which also means it cannot be dyed."

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