Mums are sharing their VERY detailed school summer holiday timetables of fun for the kids to stop boredom setting in

THE SCHOOL summer holidays are looming ahead and if you are struggling to think how you’ll keep the kids busy for weeks on end, don’t panic.

Savvy mums have been sharing their very detailed timetables of fun to prevent boredom kicking in.

One mum shared her colour-coded schedule on Facebook, which included outdoor activities such as walks in the woods, beach trips making sandcastles and park visits.

She also showed how she was visiting lots of local public attractions, such as museums and castles.

And for quieter days, she had things like cinema trips and craft sessions.

Other mums were also quick to share their own versions. 


One had the great idea to keep the schedule blank, but to have activities written on small bits of paper, that could easily be moved around and stuck on each day.

These included baking, park and out for dinner.

Meanwhile, one had made a very long list of ideas, which included fun like roller skating, ice skating, shopping, picnic, BBQ and swimming.

Many mums seemed keen to make their own lists, after seeing the organised schedules.

One said: “What a good idea.”

Another added: “I always do this.”

However, a third joked: “Nah I'm a wing it type of person.”

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