My dad is convinced I'm not really his child but I refuse to take a paternity test – am I wrong?

A DISTRAUGHT teenager found out her father doesn't think she is his own child and wants her to get a paternity test.

The teenager is refusing because regardless, the man raised her – but now she thinks her dad hates being her father.

"My mum ran away to another country with some guy when I was eight years old and lately my dad's gotten really sure she was cheating on him long before that and I'm actually someone else's baby," the deeply upset teenager wrote in an anonymous post to Reddit.

"He keeps talking about how paternity fraud is a big issue and he needs a paternity test to be sure he's not getting suckered into raising another man's kid."

The daughter admitted her feelings are hurt because regardless of who her father is, the man she lives with is the one who raised her and that's all she thinks should matter.

"I'm biased obviously, but I don't think I'm a difficult kid, I get good grades, I don't drink or do drugs or smoke, I don't talk back, I do my chores," she explained.

"So why does it feel like he's so desperate for me to not be his?

"Does he hate being my dad that much?"

The teenager said she looks like her father and honestly believes she is his, but is refusing to take a paternity test because she's nervous about what might happen to her if the test reveals a different story.

The father is quite mad that the daughter won't take a test, but she told him she would think about it in two years when she turns 18.

And despite feeling strongly about the issue, the teenager admitted she's unsure if she's acting inappropriately.

Luckily for her, the internet seems to be on her side.

"Being a father isn’t about being biologically related to them but rather the act of raising and caring for you," one of the thousands of commenters who read the story argued.

"Regardless of paternity test, this man has raised you and is your father in more ways than you think."

"[He is] so mad he can't see that he is hurting YOU," a second Reddit user wrote.

"Hopefully you can talk about how it would feel for both of you and what he plans on doing with the information."

Another user suggested that while it may be a scary situation, the poster should have a plan in case her father goes behind her back to get a test using her DNA.

However, a man who claimed to once be in a similar situation tried to comfort the teenager by sharing another angle.

"Speaking as a guy who's been through something similar to your dad, this is probably not about you at all.

"Your mother (and life in general) has left him with a lot of uncertainties, and it may be he wants this to prove that you really are his, and so remove at least one uncertainty," he wrote, adding that the father might be afraid of losing her.

An additional father had a paternity scare that he shared on Reddit as well.

He claimed he demanded his wife take a paternity test after she made a joke about their kid not being his.

Unfortunately for him, the internet also concluded that he was in the wrong.

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