My 'DIY air freshener' will make your home smell amazing – and uses cheap ingredients | The Sun

A CONTENT creator has revealed her "DIY air freshener" which she promises will make your home smell amazing.

She used cheap ingredients for her recipe and they were all natural ones too.

This concoction comes from Elnaz Hamai (@elnazhamai), whose TikTok is full of similar handy tips and hacks.

She is doing something right for she has a huge following of over 176,000 and another 2.4 million likes.

“Organization, cleaning, décor, and DIY,” is how she describes her remit on her platform.

In this post, her natural air freshener was the focus of her attention.

“This is a natural way to make your home smell amazing," she said, before sharing her method.

“For this recipe, you need three cups of water, one sliced lemon, and one sliced lime."

All went into a large saucepan. To this, she added, "two cups of fresh rosemary, one and a half tablespoons of vanilla extract, and two cinnamon sticks."

Don't panic if you don't have rosemary, she wrote. "It will still smell good. But the herb is a key ingredient."

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Once all in the pot, it was time to fire up the gas. "Bring to a boil over medium heat," she explained, "then reduce to simmer and continue to simmer on low and adding water if necessary."

The effort, she said, would be worth it. "After a couple of hours, your entire home smells great for [many more] hours."

Over 15,000 have liked her video. Some fans stepped forward with their own suggestions for this aromatic spray.

“I added cloves. Smells good," suggested one commenter.

“So creative," said another.

There was validation for its effectiveness in the final comment: “Did this today and holy cow my apartment smells amazing," enthused this viewer.

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