My hack is a need-to-know for hot summer nights – it will help you sleep soundly without air conditioning | The Sun

A MONEY-SAVING expert has shared her need-to-know hack for a comfortable night's sleep during hot summer nights.

It's so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it before – even better you won't even have to switch the air conditioning on.

It's the latest household budgeting advice from Ashleigh Money Saver (@ashleighmoneysaver).

Her tips have seen her build up a huge audience on her TikTok of over 142,000 followers and another 1.2 million likes.

“The best bargain deals and money-saving tips," is what she promises to deliver for her platform viewers.

She shared her summer cooling advice in this post: "My hack is a need-to-know for hot summer nights – it will help you sleep soundly."

Ashleigh advocated for its effectiveness: “It works wonders," she wrote.

It was a really simple hack that anyone could achieve, with one vital piece of equipment – the humble hot water bottle.

She explained the process. “So what you wanna do is grab your hot water bottle and fill it up with cold water to just under halfway," she said.

Once this was done, “whack it in the freezer and leave it until it’s cold enough for your liking, that's totally up to your preference."

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The cooling effect was about to begin. "Then what you want to do is just put it in your bed. I recommend either the feet or the back area."

In case of leakage, Ashleigh suggested wrapping your bottle in a towel.

“There you go. You’re sorted for a cool night’s sleep.”

She said viewers should have at least two – one for winter and another for summer.

"Freezing your hot water bottle too much can damage the seal which could be unsafe for future hot water use," she cautioned.

At least one commenter was already a convert to this cooling method: “Been doing this for years. Put it in a food bag and in a bottle cover and it’s amazing," they said.

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