My neighbors are OUTRAGED about what I wear around my house – I don't care, I can do whatever I want

A NEWLY-WED woman was shocked after learning that her neighbor took issue with the attire she chooses to wear – in her own home.

Despite strongly feeling that he was in the wrong, she turned to the internet to get other people's takes on the odd situation.

On her TikTok account @twohottakes, a woman who goes by Morgan Ashley Absher often shares people's real-life stories.

In one clip, Ashber read the fed-up woman's story about her neighbors taking issue with what she wears around her home.

"Am I the a*****e for walking around my house in lingerie?" she began.

A 28-year-old female and her 34-year-old husband had recently gotten married and moved into a new home.

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The woman noted that the neighborhood and neighbors were nice, apart from the family that lived right next to them.

She detailed: "Although we just got back from our honeymoon, I still wear lingerie and sometimes walk around in them when I wake up in the morning when making coffee or breakfast.

"The other day I was in the kitchen preparing coffee while my husband was out and I heard a knock on the door.

"I immediately went to grab my robe long before answering. I opened the door and found our next-door neighbor."

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According to the woman, her next-door neighbor took issue with her wearing lingerie around her home.

The big shock came when her neighbor revealed that his seven-year-old kid's window was facing the woman's living room, and since his daughter uses binoculars, she apparently saw the woman wearing "inappropriate clothes while walking around in the living room."

The neighbor's daughter supposedly used the binoculars to watch the yard. It was clear to the woman though that the young girl must have peeped through their large glass windows to see inside her home, despite them having curtains up.

Nevertheless, the neighbor still showed strong disapproval of the woman wearing lingerie in her home.

He said that "that wasn't cool, and his daughter just saw something she cannot unsee." He felt the whole ordeal was inappropriate.

He requested that the woman be a little "considerate" when it comes to her clothing – or lack of.

"But I thought that was just ridiculous," the woman continued.

"I argue that this is my house and I get to wear whatever I want. And also, his daughter had no business peeping. What the f**k?

"He said she's just a kid and didn't mean any harm. Went as far as to say she was just being curious."

At this point, the annoyed woman told her neighbor that he had to leave.

According to her, he didn't take it well and implied that he'd take steps to ensure that the woman didn't "expose" his daughter to stuff like that in the future.

When the woman told her husband what happened when he got home, he actually agreed with the neighbor, saying that she should just leave the lingerie in the room where it belongs and "learn to put some decent clothes on before getting out of the bedroom."

Her husband wanted to avoid these types of incidents in the future.

The taken aback woman recalled: "He also said I was wrong to speak to our neighbors like that, and that if he was in his shoes and his kid witnessed that, he'd be just as furious, if not more, so we should cut our neighbors some slack."

The woman now feels like she was the a*****e for how she handled the situation, but she feels that since she was in her own home, she should be able to wear what she wants and be carefree.

The young woman was met with an overwhelming amount of support in the comments section.

"Who expects a kid to look through their window with binoculars? The kid is the problem," one person wrote.

"The fact that her hubby didn't back her up bothers me sooo much!" another noted.

A parent with a seemingly efficient solution said: "If my son came and told me this I would take those things away. Problem solved. Not ask the neighbor to not do that anymore."

"Her husband should be more concerned with why the neighbors are looking in their windows!"

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"It’s your own HOME! Wear what you want!!!!!"

"Normalize not being responsible for the feelings of every single person you encounter. It's her private property, don't like it, you find ways to deal," a final person asserted.

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