My neighbour gloss painted my windows and doors SHUT – now I can't get out of my house | The Sun

A MAN was furious when his neighbours painted his doors and windows shut from the outside so he was trapped in the house.

Influencer Ramone Jeremiah demonstrated that he couldn't open the front door despite using all his might to try and break free.

He uploaded a short video to TikTok showing the careless gaffe.

He said: "I've just tried to open my front door for the first time and, watch this."

Ramone then walked over to the grand door and took a key to unlock it so he could pull it open.

He proceeded to yank on the door trying to open it but it didn't budge at all.

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He even hung off the handle with his whole body weight but it still wouldn't open.

He released his grip on the door and turned round to give a sarcastic thumbs up to the camera.

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He ended the video with the short message: "F***ing stupid w*****."

The video included the caption: "Neighbours bloody gloss painted my windows and door shut from the outside."

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Fellow TikTokers were quick to jump in with their comments on the situation.

One person said: "That's a fire risk, get it sorted ASAP."

Another said: "Would show the fire department because that’s a huge offence."

A third said: "I'd you call the fire dept you can make a case against them for endangerment."

Another said: "I’m feeling very claustrophobic for you."

While others had experienced something similar.

One person said: "Same thing happened to me, I was locked in my house for half a day before my landlord sent out a locksmith."

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Another said: "Mines the same they are trying to keep us locked in these sweat boxes that we call homes."

A third said: "This happened to me, my friend had to kick the door from the other side!"

Neighbours bloody gloss painted my windows and door shut from the outside #badneighbors#fyp#nightmareneighbor

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