My rude neighbour installed a gate into MY garden & pops in whenever she wants, I’m fuming | The Sun

A WOMAN has told of her anger after her neighbour installed a gate that leads straight into her garden.

The anonymous woman, who is from the US, took to Reddit and explained how when she moved in, her neighbour came over to her garden through her gate in her fence to introduce herself.

In the post, she continued: "She explained to me how she knew the past owners of the house and they were friends and would hang out and that is why she has the gate."

"She said my dog is welcome to go into her yard if she leaves the gate open and even into her house."

However, the woman went on to say how she doesn't want the gate or her dog going over there.

"For a little more info this woman has been rude and judgemental in the week I’ve been here, and I am scared to go in my backyard because she might come out and come into my yard to talk to me and my dog," she added.


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"I have never invited her over or told her I wanted the gate there."

The woman then asked her options and whether she'd be able to ask her to remove the gate, which has "no other purpose than to enter my property," or whether she'd have to build her own fence to block the gate.

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It wasn't long before social forum users took to the comments section and the woman was inundated with advice.

"I think you should just tell her that you’re a private person and that you appreciate that she is not, but that you would rather her not come onto your property unannounced," wrote one.

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"She will most likely take the hint, but it also allows her to save face a bit."

A second agreed: "Make sure you know if the fence is on your side or not. Then go over and speak to the neighbour and tell them that you don't want them using the fence to access your property."

Hopefully they are reasonable and understand that you aren't the former neighbours and they'll do as you ask."

A third penned: "Install locking hardware on your side. Tell her when you are in the mood for her company the gate will be unlocked. She will get tired of checking it 15 times a day and maybe give up."

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Meanwhile, another suggested: "Just be polite and honest. 'I'd rather you didn't just come into my yard without being invited. I'm not accustomed to that and I value my privacy. thank you.'

"She has to learn to respect your literal boundaries. Or you could just start suntanning naked."

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