My sister and I tried on our childhood dance costumes – they’re definitely inappropriate now | The Sun

TWO siblings tried on their dance costumes from decades ago, but the results were a little scandalous.

Jennifer Gruener, a dancer based in New York City, is a part of the West Side Story on Broadway production.

She regularly shares dancing, self-care, and vlogs on her TikTok with her 9k followers.

In a TikTok, she tried on her childhood costumes with her dancer sister, Laura.

"Do we have any memories, could we recreate the dance once we put these on?" Jennifer asked.

The first costume was a bedazzled yellow two-piece shirt and shorts with blue trim, along with a blue party hat.

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The two giggled at the short length of the costume, pulling at the hem of the shorts.

"This is inappropriate," Jennifer said.

The second outfit, a brown and green leotard, surprisingly fit well.

Jennifer was able to create the same pose that she did in the original photo.

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"It's me! It fits like…is this fashion?" She asked.

"Walk the runway."

The final costume was a one-piece with a sky-blue top and a bubblegum-pink ballerina tutu.

"Wait…I'm a little ballerina, this is totally a ballerina recital," Jennifer said.

Their followers couldn't believe they still managed to fit into their costumes and took to the comments to express their thoughts.

"Wait, are these the actual costumes, or were they made again just in a bigger size?" one commenter asked.

Jennifer reassured them that they were the same costumes and proved to be tight-fitting during the try-ons.

"The tutu!! So cute!!" said another.

"This is hilarious," said a third.

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