People’s jaws are left on the floor when they see the before & after pics of my body glow-up – I’ve grinded for a year | The Sun

A FITNESS enthusiast has left social media users stunned after sharing her jaw-dropping body makeover, which took her just 12 months.

A lot can happen in a year – and one person who recently proved this was gym fanatic Caylee, from Portland, the US.

For every single day of the last year, the tanned blonde worked on her body, ''grinding'' to 100 per cent max.

Not only did she follow a strict fitness regime to be ready for a bodybuilding competition, the stunner also ensured she ate clean – and there were no cheat meals for eight long months.

Enjoying the moment she was finally able to tuck into her very first burger, the gym lover said: ''I thought about this bite everyday for 8 months.''

And it seems that the hard efforts have certainly paid off, as Caylee recently shared Before and After snaps of the incredible glow-up.


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Before embarking on the gruelling exercise journey, Caylee had a more curvy body with a belly and chunkier legs.

But since then, the figure has changed and become almost unrecognisable.

Posing in a teeny purple bikini, the blonde looked better than ever, with enviably toned and muscly legs, defined shoulders and toned abs.

According to Caylee, who now works as a certified personal trainer, she lost a total of 7.5 stone, constantly recording and tracking the progress.

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But whilst the makeover was no doubt incredible and impressive, people on TikTok were sceptical about on thing in particular.

Congratulating and praising the gym fanatic, they insisted that achieving such results in just a year was ''not possible''.


One said: ''Amazing work but this is physically not possible in 1 year, I don’t understand why you needed to lie about the time.''

Another wrote: ''Wow in a year please share your secrets. Congratulations.''

''Wish you stopped stressing ‘1 year’. Only achievable with steroids etc. You can deny but true. Not good for impressionable young girls,'' a third penned.

''Wow, amazing transformation,'' a TikTok user was stunned by the transformation.

After being slammed by trolls, Caylee hit back at the meanies.

''I'm more than happy to post my weekly, check-in, photos, and videos with the dates attached.

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''I have lifted weights for 4 years before I started my fat loss journey.

''I mean dates don't really lie.''

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