Proud cosmetician shows off client's fox eyes as she insists the results will settle… but people aren't convinced | The Sun

A PROUD cosmetician who took to TikTok to show off the results of her client's fox eye treatment has insisted the dramatic results will settle.

A pro at the Amora Institute shared a clip of the woman having just had the procedure, with her eyebrows taut and tight and her eyes slanted.

"FOXY EYES," she wrote.

"Results become natural by 30-40% and DO NOT STAY THIS EXTREME.

"SWELLING goes down also!!"

But people in the comments section weren't convinced.

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"Cat in the hat," one wrote.

"why did my eyes start watering?" another added.

As a third commented: "What is happening to our minds that makes this look anything but insane?"

"they looks like horns afterwards," someone else wrote.

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"I have seen a girl with fox eyes healed with bumps like horns."

"This looks like it hurts," another added.

"Is this how it’s going to stay or does it tone down after healing?" someone else asked.

With the cosmetician replying: "The eyebrows drop by around 40%, results look much more natural than the above!

"I don’t think anyone wants to have these extreme eyebrows."

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