Queen more excited than ever in outing today- Mobility issues havent dampened spirits

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Queen Elizabeth stepped out to attend the second day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show at Home Park, Windsor. Express.co.uk spoke to body language expert Judi James about the Monarch’s appearance and how happy she was to be out enjoying one of her favourite occasions. 

The monarch was radiating joy as she was driven around the grounds, stopping to admire the horses competing and to speak to her Stud Groom Terry Pendry and Penny Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten. 

She then went on to join her son, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex from the royal box.

Together they watched Lady Louise Windsor drive Prince Philip’s carriage. 

Judi took a look at the photographs taken from the event and shared her thoughts on the Queen’s body language. 

Queen watches Lady Louise Windsor lead horse show parade

Judi said: “The Queen looks incredibly happy and animated here at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, providing considerable comfort for fans after the sobering glimpse of the future provided during the State Opening of Parliament.

“Her facial expressions, her confidently arm-splayed poses when she is seated and her gesticulation all seem to define very high levels of energy and joie de vivre for someone of any age, let alone a woman of 96.

“Fortunately any mobility issues don’t seem to have dampened her spirit one jot, if anything she looks more excited by the event and the people she chats with than ever before.

“This is a congruent, authentic and very wide smile from a monarch that we normally see sporting a more professional version. 

“She breaks out into laughter quickly and frequently here and is even seen standing with just the aid of a stick and no apparent help or concerned hovering from her son Edward who is seen nearby.

“This is one of the Queen’s favourite events and it shows,” Judi added. 

“It is also one that must link to memories of her husband.

“Penny Knatchbull, Philip’s close friend, sat beside her to watch the events and her granddaughter Lady Louise was driving one of the carriages.” 

The expert continued: “It’s easy to see why a much-loved event like this where she can relax in the company of close friends and family might be easier to tackle than a formal royal duty. 

“The outing had been tailored for her comfort as she sat in the car chatting through the window and only having to make a short walk to get to her seat outside.

“She can work to her own pace rather than having to complete long, slow ceremonial walks and long periods on seats like the throne where any discomfort would be played out in the eyes of the world.

“Her formal events are pre-planned but outings like this can be tailored to ensure she is comfortable and relaxed, which is exactly how she looked here at Windsor.”

Royal fans were elated to see the Queen out. 

One tweet said: “After 70 years of tireless work, I’m so happy to see you and your beautiful smile today. Remember always that you are loved and adored. Enjoy your day out. God bless and keep Queen Elizabeth happy, safe and healthy.” 

“Ahhh so good to see her again! Lovely picture. 96 years old and still shining bright,” someone else wrote. 

A third added: “Wonderful to see our Queen enjoying the horse show.” 

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