Queen of Style’ – Princess Diana remains ‘biggest royal style influencer’ in Royal Family

Princess Diana STUNS in iconic 'revenge' dress

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Princess Diana is known for several things, but one that still plays a huge part today is her reputation as one of the most stylish members of the Royal Family. The Princess of Wales set trends wherever she went and broke the mould for what was then ‘acceptable’ to wear as a royal. ‘Diana: Queen of Style’ is airing tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm with the following summary: “Princess Diana’s tumultuous life relayed through her most famous outfits.

“From wedding dress to ‘revenge dress’, why does Diana continue to reign as an international style icon?”

Some of Diana’s outfits are more famous than others.

For instance, the famous ‘revenge dress’, which she wore after Prince Charles admitted to being unfaithful on national television, saw a spike of 1329 percent after photographs of Elizabeth Debicki wearing the dress were released.

Debicki will be playing the Princess of Wales in the upcoming Season Five of Netflix’s The Crown.

Also, the recent release of Spencer has led to fans wanting to find out more about the Princess’ style overall.

According to Pretty Little Thing, there was a 335 percent spike in interest in Princess Diana’s style coinciding with the release of Spencer.

New data from the global fashion brand revealed just how big an impact Princess Diana had and still has on fashion trends.

The data also revealed she is the most stylish royal overall, even 24 years after her death.

Not only have searches for Princess Diana’s style increased following the release of Spencer, but interest in one of Princess Diana’s most famous outfits, the ‘Revenge Dress’ has also seen a huge spike in interest over the past week.

This proves Princess Diana is still one of the Royal Family’s biggest style influencers, even more so than Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Pretty Little Thing revealed to Express.co.uk the iconic LBD (little black dress) worn by Princess Diana saw a 1329 percent spike in demand overnight after images from the set of The Crown were released.

The iconic ‘Revenge Dress’ was worn by Diana in 1994.

The original off-the-shoulder chiffon dress was created by Greek designer Christina Stambolian.

It featured a sweetheart neckline and a flowing black trail.

For accessories, Diana chose a pair of silk Manolo Blahnik high heels, sheer black tights, and her statement pearl choker necklace.

A previous study by Pretty Little Thing revealed which female member of the British Royal Family was the biggest style ‘influencer’.

This data also revealed the most up-and-coming stylish royal by analysing search volumes in the UK and US.

Despite her style developing over 25 years ago, Princess Diana was revealed as the ‘biggest royal style influencer’ with over 217,500 searches for her style.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Kate came in second and third respectively.

The Duchess of Sussex received a huge 148,550 searches for style inspiration, followed closely by her sister-in-law Kate with 145,400 searches.

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