Royal Family news latest – Queen 'set for SHOCK as Meghan Markle has skeletons in her closet that could all be released'

THE QUEEN could be in for a nasty surprise if Meghan Markle still has "skeletons in her closet", as a royal author predicts.

Tom Bower is writing an unauthorised book about the life of the Duchess of Sussex says she needs to speak to her father and older brother to stop them revealing more embarrassing details about her life.

He said, on researching her early life, she seemed to have been quite family orientated before she found fame but seemed to have cut off her father's side when she met Harry.

The 75-year-old, who has also written a biography of Prince Charles, told Closer: “She seems to me to be a very ambitious, unforgiving person. But I think, much to her dismay, more will come out.”

"I think, much to her dismay, more will come out. I think Thomas is keeping some things back and that he has a lot of embarrassing stuff on her. There are skeletons in the closet and, when provoked, I think the secrets could all come out", he added.

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  • Louis Allwood

    Royal spending

    Instead of mingling with fellow travellers, the Cambridges kickstarted their half-term break in the swanky lounge and got the full VIP treatment. 

    The Windsor suite is popular with royals, A-list celebrities and world leaders, who want to fly under the radar at England’s busiest airport.

    Of course, it certainly doesn’t come cheap to start your holiday with a Michelin dining menu, chauffeur service to your plane and with your own butler. 

    The Cambridges are said to have splashed out £3,000 for their three hour stay.

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    Meg’s brother says they were close growing up

    Thomas Jr – the son of Meghan’s dad Thomas and his first wife – said growing up with the future duchess was a “great experience”.

    He added: “We were very close, even though our families were, you know, living in different locations we still got together for the holidays and lots of quality time.

    “I was thrown to the wolves with the popularity and the media with no experience.

    “I was being backed into a corner, into a wall. I made some horrible mistakes and still regret them to this day.”

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    British heirways (continued)

    These are some of the perks the Cambridges would get during their three hour stay:

    • Chauffeur service
    • Private butler and personal service
    • Extravagant lounge
    • Michelin star food
    • [email protected]

      British heirways

      Prince William and Kate Middleton jetted off on their holidays with their three adorable kids during their half term, and were spotted departing from Heathrow’s luxurious Windsor suite.

      Instead of mingling with fellow travellers, the Cambridges kickstarted their half-term break in the swanky lounge and got the full VIP treatment. 

      The Windsor suite is popular with royals, A-list celebrities and world leaders, who want to fly under the radar at England’s busiest airport.

      Of course, it certainly doesn’t come cheap to start your holiday with a Michelin dining menu, chauffeur service to your plane and with your own butler. 

      The Cambridges are said to have splashed out £3,000 for their three hour stay.

    • [email protected]

      William was the real bad boy

      Although Prince Harry was the one to gain a rep for his antics in their youths it was actually older brother William who was badly behaved as child.

      As the oldest son of bickering parents – and the second in line to the throne – it is not surprisingly that William thought he could get away with murder.

      Prince William gained the nickname of His Royal Naughtiness when he was little and would stick his tongue out at people, claims a royal author. 

      In Robert Lacey’s Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, the young heir was a “boisterous” child. 

      The royal author wrote of William: “With Charles proving to be an equally worshipping and indulgent parent, William became a law unto himself – loud and boisterous and earning the nickname ‘His Royal Naughtiness’ following his poor behaviour at his brother Harry’s christening in December 1984. “

    • [email protected]

      Fright night

      Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were apparently told they had been rumbled during a Halloween party in Toronto.

      The couple had spending their witching weekend together during the early days of their relationship when an aide called from London to say a tabloid was about to publish the story.

      The pair had reportedly been together for around four months at that point but were still keeping it under wraps.

      They had reported attended the party at Soho House in Toronto wearing Venetian face masks in a bid not to be recognised, Royal biographer Omid Scobie says.

      The couple would later partly blame press intrusion for Megxit.

    • [email protected]

      ‘Minding the gap’

      Meghan is due to speak at a half an hour online event with Mellody Hobson, the co-founder of Ariel Investments who is also the chairwoman of Starbucks.

      Meghan has been listed under her ducal title and as the ‘co-founder of Archewell International’.

      The talk is entitled: “How can women reach economic and professional parity? Two groundbreaking figures join us to discuss top-down solutions, and reflect on how their shared experiences influenced their thinking about creating opportunities for others.”

    • [email protected]

      Meghan Markle set to speak at glitzy New York online conference

      Meghan Markle has been listed as one of the speaker’s at NYTDealbook Online Summit next week.

      The Duchess of Sussex is due to speak about ‘women reaching economic and professional parity’ with men as part of her ongoing campaign to get paid parental leave through the U.S. Congress.

      The USA is the only country in the OECD club of wealthier nations not to guarantee some sort of leave from work after the birth of a child.

      Her name is listed alongside other big name speakers such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

    • [email protected]

      The Bench started as an ode to fatherhood

      The Bench – Meghan’s first book – was published in June this year days after the birth of her second child, Lilibet Diana.

      Meghan said previously: “The Bench started as a poem I wrote for my husband on Father’s Day, the month after Archie was born. That poem became this story.”

      “My hope is that The Bench resonates with every family, no matter the make up, as much as it does with me.”

      An ode to fatherhood may come as a surprise to Meghan’s own father – who is insisting she has cut him off and is desperate for her to get in contact.

      He has even threatened to SUE the Sussexes to see his grandchildren.

    • [email protected]

      Harry cleaned up his act after launching Invictus Games

      Prince Harry has spoken at length after his ‘lost’ years between losing his mum and meeting his wife.

      He has described years of drinking, partying and drugs – while royal biographers have stated he was an ‘angry young man’ when he met the Suits actress in 2016.

      But biographer Andrew Morton claimed the Duke of Sussex turned his life around when he found a “cause”. He launched the Invictus Games for wounded servicemen and women in 2014.

      He continued: “He’d cleaned up his act, he’d gotten involved in the Invictus Games, he had found his cause in life.

      “He stuck to that, helping disabled, mentally injured soldiers and servicewomen to find themselves and I think that was something that helped him find himself.”

    • [email protected]

      ‘Panic mode’

      Prince Harry is reportedly desperate to spend Christmas at Sandringham – so the Queen can finally meet baby Lilibet.

      The source told US Weekly that Harry went into “panic mode” and has been “checking in non-stop” since the Queen took ill.

      They alleged he “feels guilty about not saying goodbye” in person to Prince Philip, who died in April.

      “He would never forgive himself if the same thing happened with his beloved grandmother,” the source said.

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      Strong as an oak

      Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York has managed to save a dozen old oak trees from Amazon power saws.

      The duchess launched a petition to stop the US retail giant from cutting down the 130-year-old trees in her hometown of Dummer.

      The proposal was for 220,000 square metres, 23.5 metre-tall distribution hub and had previously been greenlight.

      Oak trees are a protected species in the UK so you must get special permission to cut them down.

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      Whose Queen?

      At a typical wedding its supposed to be what the bride wants, the bride gets but a royal wedding there is only one person in charge.

      At the Royal Wedding in 2011 it was the groom’s grandmother that was running the show.

      A year after he tied the knot, the Duke of Cambridge admitted during an interview with ABC that he’d clashed with The Queen over what he wore on his wedding day.

      He said: “What I really wanted to wear was the Irish Guards frock coat.

      “We had a couple of discussions on this matter but, as I learnt growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.

      “What she says goes!”

    • [email protected]

      Caught on camera!

      THE Queen was spotted behind the wheel in Windsor this morning during a two-week break from duties.

      The monarch looked chipper and well in a headscarf and dark sunglasses after she cancelled all public engagements on doctors’ orders.

      She was seen driving her understated green five-door Jaguar – usually used to ferry her beloved corgis – earlier today.

      Her appearance comes days after she was told by her private medics to rest after spending a night in hospital for ‘preliminary tests’.

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      Yes Ma’am

      Today the monarch has very little power and their influence solely rests on whether they can bend the ear of their Government.

      Given Boris Johnson’s record of attempting to suspend parliament and challenging the courts on a host of constitutional issues you can be forgiven for thinking she does not have much influence here.

      But the Queen is also the sovereign of 16 different realms – and she seems to be having better luck with her Australian government.

      Australian leader Scott Morrison ummed and ahhed about attending COP26 for weeks until the Queen was overheard complaining about world leader indecision on climate change during a trip to the Welsh parliament.

      Within 24 hours Morrison announced he would be attending after all. A few weeks later he announced Australia’s commitment to Net Zero by 2050.

      Australia is one of the world’s biggest net exporter of coal.

      Coincidences eh?

    • [email protected]

      Will Prince Andrew lose his title (continued)?

      Stripping Andrew of his title would be a very drastic step however – as it would highlight that the Royal family is not above accountability.

      That could threaten the entire institution which rests on the public’s good will and the believe in the fiction of their power.

      In any case, Andrew will still be entitled to call himself ‘Prince Andrew of Wales’ as the son of a sovereign.

      Charles probably would hate that even more.

    • [email protected]

      Will Prince Andrew lose his Duke of York title?

      When Harry and Meghan broke with the Royal family, there were calls for them to be stripped of their Sussex title.

      Now Andrew is arguably in even hot water is he in danger of losing HIS dukedom.

      Like William and Harry, Andrew was give the Dukedom on his wedding. It is the traditional title of the second born son of a monarch dating back to the Middle Ages.

      But Dukes of York have a habit of replacing their brothers in the line of succession – Richard III, Henry VIII, James II & VII and even the Queen’s own father George VI all started out as the second in line.

      When this happens the title falls in abeyance (effectively meaning its unused or suspended) until it is awarded to the next candidate.

      Andrew will never become King as Charles has enough heirs – but given the reported frostiness between the pair his dukedom may not survive a potential US trial once the Queen dies.

    • [email protected]

      Who is the Duke of Edinburgh now?

      When Prince Philip he automatically passed on his title to his eldest child – Prince Charles.

      However, obviously Charles is going to get a bigger and better title someday so the plan was instead to pass it onto his little brother Prince Edward.

      Typically a ducal title passes from father to eldest son and then onto brothers in age order. So in theory the title should go from Charles to William to George – and then Louis if George has no kids (Charlotte would get the throne in that scenario) and then Andrew.

      But it appears when you are royal you can do what you like so reportedly the plan was for Charles to overlook his own sons and middle brother Andrew – who have dukedoms of their own – to give it to Edward. Edward is currently a ‘mere’ Earl – one step down on the aristocratic ladder.

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      Charles to declare war

      The Prince of Wales will argue that a “war-like footing” is needed to tackle the climate crisis, as he opens the Cop26 summit.

      Charles is expected to call for a “vast military-style campaign” to address urgent environmental issues.

      The royal, who has spent decades trying to raise awareness of the growing crisis, will speak at the opening ceremony of the major conference in Glasgow on Monday.

      He is expected to stress the urgency of dealing with the climate crisis, saying: “We have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing.”

      He will go on to urge leaders across the globe to systematically engage with business to solve the climate problems the world faces.

      He is expected to say: “We need a vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector. With trillions at its disposal.”

    • [email protected]

      Charles and Camilla going on climate tour

      The first overseas tour since the pandemic will see Charles and Camilla head to Egypt and Jordan in a few weeks time.

      The four-day trip which is due to begin in the middle of November after COP26 closes on the 12th.

      Clarence House’s Twitter account released the following statement.

      “Charles, 72, will be accompanied by his wife Camilla for the four-day trip which is due to begin on Nov. 16.

      “The tour will focus on the climate crisis and will explore how leaders can implement commitments following COP26.”

    • [email protected]

      Andrew team hit out at Epstein victim for media attention

      Prince Andrew’s LA-based attorney Andrew Brettler has hit out at Virginia Giuffre saying she created a ‘media frenzy’ with the allegations.

      Mr Brettler said the allegations against the prince were “baseless” and instead he accused her of using the media frenzy around the arrest and suicide of Jeffrey Epstein to look for a payday.

      He wrote: “Accusing a member of the world’s best known royal family of serious misconduct has helped Giuffre create a media frenzy online and in the traditional Press.

      “Giuffre has initiated this baseless lawsuit against Prince Andrew to achieve another payday at his expense and at the expense of those closest to him.

      “Epstein’s abuse of Giuffre does not justify her public campaign against Prince Andrew.”

    • [email protected]

      Wills and Kate take America

      Harry and Meghan may need to watch their backs – it looks like another Royal couple is determined to make their mark on the other side of the pond.

      William and Kate are expected to head stateside in spring 2022 to promote the second year of the Earthshot Prize – an award for solutions to the climate crisis.

      Royal author Phil Dampier told Fabulous that: “William and Kate have always been very popular in the US but have not been there for some time so they will want to boost their profile and next year, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year, would be a golden opportunity.”

      But the chances of a brotherly reunion at the Sussexes’ £11million Santa Barbara mansion are slim.

      He added: “If they stayed with Harry it would turn into a circus and also be a security nightmare, taking attention away from the green cause, so I expect William and Kate to concentrate on their efforts and not meet up with them.”

    • [email protected]

      Diana nod (continued)

      Originally, Prince William chose to keep the watch after his mother’s tragic death in 1997 while Prince Harry selected her diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring, according to Vanity Fair.

      But before proposing to long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton in 2010, William reportedly asked his brother if he could have their mother’s ring and he would give him the Cartier watch in exchange.

      Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell said in a 2017 interview: “Harry gave up his precious treasure.

      “His one thing he kept from his mother, he gave to his brother. That’s selfless, kind, and exactly who Diana was.”

      What’s more, the Daily Express reported that Harry then gave the watch to Meghan in 2017, weeks before their engagement was announced.

    • [email protected]

      Secret Diana nod in Meghan’s book reading

      Meghan Markle sat down in the garden of her LA mansion and was filmed reading her children’s book The Bench for the YouTube channel Brightly Storytime.

      Opting for a more casual look, the 40-year-old paired her oversized blue shirt with jeans and styled her hair back in a low bun.

      Royal jewelry watcher would have noticed however that the Duchess also wore a watch which once belonged to Princess Diana.

      The dainty gold Cartier watch is believed to have been a gift from Diana’s father for her 21st birthday and is estimated to be worth £17,800.

    • [email protected]

      Who is Nick Collins?

      In spring 2021 Meghan split from her adviser and ‘dream team’ confidante Nick Collins – but insiders say he is still involved from behind the scenes.

      Collins is a partner at leading Tinseltown deal makers Gersh and aided Meghan during her TV career in legal drama Suits, as well as the Megxit drama.

      She kept him on even though she vowed to quit show business when getting engaged to Prince Harry in 2017.

      Insiders say Collins was also a “key adviser and independent voice” for the Sussexes as they plotted Megxit and focused on money making plans in the US.

      Collins also was one of a handful of American guests at Markle and Prince Harry’s May 2018 wedding at Windsor Castle.

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