Savvy mum stocks up on huge Asda baby clothes haul thanks to mega sale and saves herself over £40

KEEPING your baby's wardrobe well stocked is no easy task, especially when they're constantly growing and clothes quickly become too small.

One mum, however, hit the jackpot when she came across a mega sale in Asda and managed to snap up a huge haul of baby clothes for her 10-week old son.

Showing off her finds on Facebook, the mum revealed she managed to bag over 30 babygrows and bodysuits for just £45.

She explained that her haul usually would have set her back over £80, but prices had been slashed, meaning she pretty much got everything for half price.

Posting in Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum wrote: "Asda sale was an absolute life saver.

"My 10 week boy is near on out of his 0 to 3 stuff. Got all this for £45 was over £80 full price…"

Giving fellow parents a look at all her goodies, the mum revealed she picked up a set of three safari-themed babygrows for £6 reduced from £10, a pack of 7 bodysuits for £5 and a pack of three sleepsuits with scratch mittens included for £4.

Hundreds of people liked her post, with plenty joking that they were off to Asda to snap up some bargains for themselves.

"Trip to asda & primark?!" said one mum, tagging their friend.

A second wrote: "Bargain, need some bits when get paid for my 11 week old."

Another mum was eyeing up the reduced items to stock up for Christmas, as they added: "Will have to look when we go ideal to put up for christmas still loads of sales."

One more said: "Need to pay a visit neeeeed 3-6!"

One shopper revealed that the sale wasn't just strictly baby clothes, as they shared: "Just so you know this includes [sandals], trainers, sun wear, and kids up to teens clothes."

Race you to the checkout.

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