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HER layered hairdo rocked the Nineties and her love life was the talk of the Noughties, but this decade women everywhere want to know how Jennifer Aniston looks so amazing at 51.

The former Friends actress – who divorced Brad Pitt after five years in 2005 before her two-year marriage to Justin Theroux ended in 2017 – has been wowing the red carpet this awards season, beating style competition from celebs half her age. The icing on the cake however, came this week when, on her 51st birthday, Jen graced the cover of Interview magazine in just a leather jacket, hot pants and thigh-high boots.

So how does she do it?

We asked four readers who are the same age as Jen to give her wild look a try and offer their verdicts.

Meanwhile, we reveal Jen’s beauty secrets, from infrared saunas to the £5 moisturiser she swears by.

Her morning routine

JENNIFER’s morning routine is integral to keeping her body healthy and in shape.

She recently revealed that for the past year she has been drinking celery juice first thing in the morning.

Some experts claim that the veg increases and strengthens your bile, which is important for breaking down fats and eliminating waste.

The actress follows this with a shot of apple cider vinegar diluted in water, which is said to help lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and aid weight loss.

Finally, Jen adds a probiotic supplement, which encourages the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi, helping to keep her gut healthy.

Her body

EXERCISE is extremely important to Jennifer and she stays in shape by mixing up her training each day.

By varying her workout, the actress not only beats boredom but challenges every muscle in her body, to keep her strong and flexible and burn more calories and body fat.

She says: “I still love yoga and cardio but these days it’s been interval training.

“I do a 30-minute total-body climbing workout and I have a personal trainer who has me carrying really heavy ropes around and throwing medicine balls against walls and stuff.

“And then I also take a sort of a fantastic moving meditation.

“You get your emotions out, you get your psyche cleaned, you get your body sweating – it checks a lot of boxes.”

Her wellness

WITH an A-lister’s bank balance, Jennifer’s wellness routine was always going to include some pricey treatments.

The star is a fan of infrared saunas, a relatively new trend that gives off electromagnetic radiant heat to warm the body directly, rather than using the air around it as in traditional saunas.

Experts claim the light penetrates skin more deeply, which leads to more sweat and a higher release of toxins.

These saunas are available across the UK and a 45-minute session costs around £40.

The star says: “It’s such a game-changer in terms of your skin detoxification and cell rejuvenation, so I do that a couple of times a week right after the gym.

“I’ve noticed a real change in my energy, my sleep and my skin.”

But it is all about balance, so Jennifer dabbles in sub-zero temperatures too by having cryotherapy sessions, where you immerse yourself in liquid nitrogen rooms as cold as -130C for three minutes.

Experts claim it forces the body to rejuvenate its cells, working wonders for health and appearance.

It is widely available in the UK for around £90 a session.

She says: “I tried cryotherapy recently when I had some injuries and I was amazed.

“That three minutes feels like four years, but it really did help.”
Jennifer reckons her 30-minute meditation sessions in the morning are key for a healthy mind, but admits: “I have to force myself not to go right to my coffee machine.”

She also pushes herself to have daily breaks from tech in order to de-stress and protect her skin from damaging blue light.

Jen says: “Don’t touch your phone for a good hour if possible. It makes such a difference.”

Her diet

SKIPPING breakfast is a big no-no for Jennifer and she ­credits her daily vegetable smoothie for keeping her full.

She says: “I make a quick shake with protein powder, spinach, maca powder, berries and vitamin C powder.

“I wasn’t a big breakfast person but I made myself become a breakfast person.”

She also keeps her sugar intake down as much as possible, saying: “When you are eating sugar and bad food, your face, body, and energy levels will show the results.”

The actress eats nutrient-packed avocado almost every day.

Jennifer says: “Avocado used to be like, ‘No! It’s fattening!’ years ago.

“But it’s one of the best things you can put in your body. Ginger is great for anti-oxidants.

“Asparagus too, even though it makes your pee smell weird.”

Alongside her homemade smoothies, Jennifer has a strange addiction that she claims keeps her looking young – a daily spoonful of Royal Jelly.

She says: “It’s from beehives. I got it in France but you can get it ­anywhere.

“I noticed if you take a spoon of that a day, it helps.”

Her skin

WHILE some celebs tout expensive treatments and cosmetic surgery, Jennifer says her top beauty tip for youthful-looking skin is water.

She drinks three litres of SmartWater – a mineral water infused with electrolytes potassium, calcium, and magnesium – every day.

The good news is it is sold in UK supermarkets for less than a quid.

These vitamins and minerals help keep the skin and body healthy.

Surprisingly, less is more when it comes to Jennifer’s daily skincare routine.

She says: “I don’t overwash my face because you don’t want to strip away too much, and then I put on nourishing things I feel are as organic as possible.

“I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Hydrating Facial (£14) face cream.

“I leave it on overnight and when I wake up I have that dewy, glowing, twinkling skin.”

Jennifer also uses Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion (£5) on her body to keep her skin smooth.

Although she is low-maintenance during the week, she says: “Sunday is my spa day.

“I usually do a mini facial where I just give myself a good scrub and use a mask.”

Jennifer now tries to stay out of the sun to keep her skin looking youthful and uses fake tan if she needs a glow.

She says: “My biggest beauty regret is the amount of sunbathing I used to do without sunscreen.

“I mean, baby oil? What was I thinking?

“Now I rely on spray tans for the sun-kissed look.”

‘Snaps have taught me to love my true self again’

TEACHER Sonia Bowen, from Kinver, Staffs, says posing like Jennifer helped her ­combat body issues. The mum of two said:

“After I had my children Tallulah, now 22, and Sebastian, 18, I couldn’t lose my baby weight.

“I was wearing a size 18 and my self-esteem plummeted.

“My marriage ended in 2008 and I felt lower than ever.

“I’d put on Friends re-runs when I was having a bad day and escape into Rachel’s world.

“Posing like Jen here was my chance to follow in her footsteps.

“For the first time ever I felt my body dysmorphia fall away.

“I felt empowered and strong.

“Jennifer has again helped me embrace my true self at 51.”

‘I love how she keeps women over 50 relevant’

SECRETARY Theresa Cole felt sexy in the hot pants. She lives with husband Simon, 50, a surveyor, in Chelmsford, Essex. Theresa said:

“Jennifer Aniston has been a role model for me ever since she played Rachel in Friends.

“I loved her famous haircut so much I had it for three years.

“I love the way she is keeping women over 50 relevant.

“Putting on the boots, hot pants and shirt at first made me feel underdressed, but the Sun team cheered me on.

“After a few photos, I let go and just had a lot of fun.

“Being Jennifer for the day is something I can remember for the rest of my life.

“I felt so inspired.”

‘Hopefully this shows suitors 51 is the new 21’

GRANDMOTHER of two Sophie-Marie Delaney has been divorced twice. The former admin manager has been inspired by Jen’s attitude. She said:

“Seeing Jennifer remain so positive after two failed marriages has given me hope.

“Like her, I’m back on the dating scene.

“I am hoping that recreating Jennifer’s magazine pose will show potential suitors 51 is the new 21.

“Jennifer’s ability to remain sexy and fit has inspired me to do the same.

“I remember wearing hot pants and boots in my teens, and putting them on again at 51 brought a smile to my face.

“Getting to pose like her is a real boost to my confidence.”

‘I don’t feel any different now to in my thirties’

SALES rep Marian Keogh lives in Edgware, North West London, with husband Dermot, 47, a builder, and daughter Aoife, 11. She said:

“Jennifer looks absolutely amazing here. But there are lots of women of that age who look incredible now.

“I can’t believe I’m 51. I don’t feel any different to when I was 31.

“Like Jennifer, I don’t think I’ll ever stop dyeing my hair blonde. My granny lived to 92 and she never stopped. It keeps you young.

“I was a bit apprehensive doing the shoot but I’m so glad I did.

“I felt pretty good wearing that outfit. I hope my husband feels the same.”

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