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YES, YES, YES! It’s National Orgasm Day which means it’s time to prioritise your pleasure.

And there couldn’t be a better time to celebrate.

A recent survey found that one in five of us are having more sex than we did before 2020.

And according to the 2022 Sex Census by Lelo, 14 per cent of us are eyeing up co-workers for hookups.

Here sex expert Kate Taylor reveals her five top tips for men and women to celebrate the date.



If you struggle to stay in the moment during sex, you’ll never reach a happy ending.

A top tip for staying “present” is to try acting out a fantasy.


What are the best sex positions for men?

Would you take ‘MDMA love potion’ to get your relationship’s spark back ?

This naturally stops you from falling into any old thought patterns and keeps you in the now.

Role-play a character who is sassy, brave, sexy – and wears a hot outfit that (coincidentally) hides your least-favourite body parts but flaunts all your best bits. 


Sadly, we are at the mercy of our hormones when it comes to how orgasmic we feel.

You might not notice this in your twenties, but it’ll be obvious when you hit your forties and fifties.

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Maca root powder can help to increase your libidoCredit: iStock – Getty

If you’d like to try balancing your hormones, so you feel a steady current of lust all month rather than a rollercoaster, herbal remedies can be very effective.

Maca is an adaptogenic plant traditionally used to increase libido, enhance fertility, and improve energy and stamina. 

Or try Ashwagandha, used in Ayurvedic medicine to balance women’s hormones. 


You’re not a medical mystery if you take longer than your partner to climax.

Studies show men can orgasm within 2-3 minutes of sex, whereas women tend to take the scenic route and arrive 10 minutes later.

How to close the gap? Foreplay, focussing on YOUR climax first.

Kiss, cuddle, and ensure you’re aroused before you even think about removing your underwear.

Then concentrate on YOUR pleasure, with foreplay and oral sex, before you get to the humpy bit. 


For ultra-powerful orgasms, try a cervical orgasm.

The cervix is located at the very top of your vagina, and in a 2000 study, 35 per cent of women found they could orgasm through cervical stimulation.

Why bother? Because cervical orgasms are intense, starting in your pelvis and spreading through your whole body.

To try it, have doggy-style sex, and encourage your partner to boldly go deeper than any man has gone before.

When he reaches the top, he should push with every thrust – the cervix responds to firm pressure. 



Pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for her.

Men have a pelvic floor too, and keeping it toned will give you more control over your orgasm – helping you last longer and build up to an even more resounding climax.

Start now. Imagine you’re desperate for a wee and have to clench your muscles to stop it.

Those are your PC muscles. Squeeze them for 10 seconds, 15 times, twice a day. Thank me later.


What you eat before sex can affect how strongly you orgasm.

Ever wondered why Popeye looked so happy? Spinach naturally opens the body’s blood vessels, ensuring a powerful orgasm.

Other greens pack a passion punch too: high levels of folate in vegetables like kale and cabbage improve your reproductive health.

Try increasing your intake of wholegrains and oats too – they’ve been proven to increase your testosterone level, and therefore increase your arousal. 


Your partner probably has an arsenal of sex-toy weaponry in her bedside cabinet. It’s time you tooled up too.

Using new toys in bed will stimulate the release of feel-good dopamine in your brain, and lead to greater feelings of pleasure.

Male sex toys have become sophisticated in the past few years.

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