Shoe pros share ‘freezer bag’ hack for making sure you can get tight boots to fit, but everyone says the same thing | The Sun

WE all know the struggle of buying a brand new pair of boots to wear – only to find they are next to impossible to put on. 

Now, the experts at shoe brand Fairfax & Favor have shared how they’ve come up with a hack to ensure you can always get your shoes on comfortably – but not everyone is totally convinced. 

They posted a video on their TikTok account, @fairfaxandfavor, showing a woman struggling to do up her boot. 

Next to it, they unveiled their hack, as they wrote: “Can’t get your foot in? Try a freezer bag!” 

The next part of the clip showed the woman popping her foot inside the freezer bag, before attempting to get it inside the knee length black boot again.

True to their word, it goes in with minimal effort and does up perfectly.

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However, despite knowing that it worked, not all of Fairfax and Favor’s social media followers were a fan of the technique.

One wrote: “But then I have a bag on my foot?”

A second said: “You’d be sweating and slipping about in under 5 mins”.

While a third added: “Wait, so you have to walk around all day with your foot in the bag?”

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However, the luxury brand said the technique would only have to be followed once to wear the boots in.

Somebody said: “Wait, I have to rustle/crinkle/sweat all day because I’m wearing a freezer bag on my feet?”

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To which the brand replied so that they could clear up the confusion: “You’ll only need to use the bag one time.

“The boots will stretch once your foot is in them.” 

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