Shoppers Say This $180 Hair Dryer Transforms Their Hair in 3 Minutes — and It’s 72% Off

As someone with super curly hair, I think I speak for my people when I say that most of us went through a phase of being obsessed with replicating a blowout at home. The grass is always greener, so even as our cultural obsession with straight hair wanes (thank you Zendaya, Sandra Oh, and Nicole Kidman’s wig on “The Undoing”), there will always be an appetite for hair dryers that weave the illusion of salon-fresh hair without requiring a Drybar appointment.         

Thankfully, 2020’s hairstyling scene has a wealth of options, and one deal in particular is incredibly attractive. Shoppers call Blowout Beauty’s Ultra Power Professional Hair Dryer one of the fastest paths to shiny, less frizzy hair — and it’s currently available for $50, no less than 72 percent off its original price of $180. This kind of discount is breath-taking. 

No less legendary is the blowdry time that many of the reviews quote. With the Ultra Power in hand, one shopper with “medium long hair” dries it in four minutes flat; another reviewer writes they “have very long and thick hair that used to take forever to dry, but this [model] dries my hair within three minutes.” Someone else adds that although their hair is “a freaking sponge” that usually takes 20 minutes to reach merely “damp,” with the dryer it took just four minutes to go from wet to dry — and “COMPLETELY dry, no damp spots!”

I’ve tried somewhere around 15 hair dryers, but genuinely silky hair is the elusive white whale. I more often land on puffy, dry locks that demand an abundance of hair oil. If you’re in the same boat, one shopper writes that this was her answer. 

“I didn’t realize how a quality hair dryer could make my hair more manageable and silky,” she wrote, adding that her hair now looks professionally styled. “I got the deal of a lifetime, and it’s changed my life. I no longer dread blow drying my hair. I’m really shocked at how my hair looks now.” 

Blowout Beauty Ultra Power Professional Hair Dryer

Shop now: $50 (Originally $180);

According to reviewers, the Ultra Power’s secret lies in that it doesn’t rely on extremely high temperatures, but instead uses wind speed and engine power to wipe out moisture in three minutes and 13 seconds, as one person timed it. A different shopper added to the scores of people calling it the “best blow dryer ever,” writing: “It isn’t too hot, just really powerful and efficient, so I don’t feel like I am damaging my hair. It’s so quick that I now use it every single morning while my toast is in the toaster. My hair is dry before my toast is ready! I’m obsessed!”

Some more on that speed and power: Per the brand, the dryer’s airflow reaches 50 miles per hour thanks to its 1800-watt motor. And against all odds, that intensity doesn’t come with a neighbor-angering roar. “It is quiet, powerful and easy to handle,” says one person, and another adds, “It dried my hair much quicker than the $300 hair dryer I currently use. Since the heat was not as hot, my hair was less damaged and less frizzy.” 

One reviewer mentioned that she’s such a fan, she gave it the ultimate compliment. “[I] love it so much, I’m buying one for all my sisters!” That wasn’t all she wrote, but it’s all she needed to say.  

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