The Sun exposes foods branded 'natural' that are misleading you and can damage your health

THE Sun on Sunday can reveal claims by some brands about their “natural” foods for kids are misleading, as they fail to highlight issues such as very high sugar content.

We looked at products to see just what they are made up of and sought verdicts from nutritionist Kim Pearson, who said: “People think ‘natural’ means healthy but in lots of cases nothing could be further from the truth.

“Some of these natural foods have excessive sugar.” Fruit Bowl said its natural flavours and colours “only come from fruit and veg”.

Whitworths, who make Sunny Raisins, said its “natural credentials” are in line with European legislation.

Natural confectionery company – Jelly Snakes

CLAIM: No artificial colours or flavours

WORRY: Contains cow gelatine, two types of sugar and palm oil

KIM SAID: “If they were packaged differently you wouldn’t pick them up.”

Emma's Country Cakes – Fairy of the Month

CLAIM: Natural flavours

WORRY: Added margarine

KIM SAID: “Margarine is hydrogenated – and linked to health problems. Also 28.5g of sugar per 100g.”

Biona Organic – Mini Fruit Bears

CLAIM: Natural taste

WORRY: Corn syrup and unrefined cane sugar with 14 tsp of sugar per 100g

KIM SAID: “They are loaded with 57g sugar per 100g.”

Fruit Bowl – Raspberry Yoghurt Flakes

CLAIM: Real fruit and natural colours

WORRY: Whey powder, emulsifiers and palm fat

KIM SAID: “Very little fruit in these.”

Kellogg's – Duo Fruit Winders Apple and Strawberry

CLAIM: Natural colours and flavours

WORRY: Added sugar and palm oil

KIM SAID: “There are three different types of added sugars in these and all sorts of additives.”


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Eat Natural – Yoghurt coated Almond and Apricot bar

CLAIM: Natural bar made with love

WORRY: Contains palm oil

KIM SAID: “One bar has three and a half teaspoons of sugar. The ‘yoghurt’ is a mix of dried milk powders, sugar and oil. It’s far from being a health food.”

Sunny Raisin – Natural Sunshine Raisins

CLAIM: Natural

WORRY: 66.5g of sugar per 100g

KIM SAID: “It’s worth remembering teeth and the impact of sugar on dental health when packing kids’ lunches.”

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