These Old Navy Jeans Combine '70s Flare With '90s Grunge, and I'm in Love

My go-to pair of comfortable jeans has taken a backseat to my latest denim find: Old Navy’s Extra High-Waisted A-Line Wide-Leg Jeans ($50). A new arrival at Old Navy, this denim style is quickly gaining popularity and is already one of the brand’s bestsellers. After wearing them for a couple of days, I fully understand the hype. The fit is loose through the hips and thighs with a burst of wide-leg flare around the ankles. They remind me of the wide-leg mom jeans that have taken over Instagram and TikTok feeds, only with a sleeker silhouette that meshes some of my favorite fashion eras: the ’70s and ’90s.

What I Like About Old Navy’s Extra High-Waisted A-Line Wide-Leg Jeans

The extra-high waist sucks me in but doesn’t feel too restrictive, courtesy of the 11 percent recycled polyester and 1 percent spandex in the jeans’ material. As a mom of two, I like to wear jeans that support my tummy without feeling like the waistline digs into me, so any pair of extra-high waisted jeans needs to have just a tad of stretch for me to feel comfortable and confident. Unlike some of my lightweight pairs of denim that have holes and noticeable distressing, these jeans are on the thicker side with subtle distressing on the pockets and hemline. They keep me feeling toasty and dry even on chillier days when the wind is whipping or it’s drizzling.

I love that they make a statement but are still versatile, which is a hard balance to strike. With the extra high waistline, they’re perfect for pairing with a bodysuit, crop top, or even my slouchiest French-tucked sweatshirts to accentuate my waistline. While the legs have volume, the A-line cut is really flattering and helps to create that legs-for-days illusion. When I swap out sneakers for heels or platform shoes, the cut of the jeans makes my legs look even longer. Regardless of whether I dress them up or down, I feel pulled together.

You know what else I like about these? The price. At $50, they’re a steal compared to look-alike designer options that are quadruple the price. Throw in the comfortable feel and true to size fit and they’re worth every penny.

What’s Worth Noting About Old Navy’s Extra High-Waisted A-Line Wide-Leg Jeans

I’m 5’6″ and have a relatively short torso with longer legs, and the hemline of these jeans completely covers my bare feet and kisses the floor when I’m standing. For reference, the model on Old Navy’s site is about 5’9″, which is why her hemline hits at her ankles. When trying on sizes, I liked both the size 4 and 6, but ultimately kept the size 4 since I’m aiming for a polished silhouette versus a slouchy, more voluminous profile. Old Navy recommends washing these inside out on a cold cycle to keep that perfectly lived-in blue from fading and using a tumble dry low setting.

Who Are Old Navy’s Extra High-Waisted A-Line Wide-Leg Jeans Best For?

These jeans are ideal for someone who wants a stylish pair of jeans that combines a modern interpretation of nostalgic trends. The high-waisted, bell-bottom vibe of the ’70s with the grungier, wide-leg look of the ’90s makes for the perfect mashup, and this pair nails it. Unless you’re on the taller side, these jeans are also best for those who don’t mind having a hemline that kisses the ground. If you’re petite, this style of jeans might overwhelm your frame.

Additional Details About Old Navy’s Extra High-Waisted A-Line Wide-Leg Jeans

  • These jeans fit true to size.
  • They’re made with 83% cotton, 11% recycled polyester, 5% recycled cotton, 1% spandex.
  • They’re intended to sit right below your natural waist.
  • These jeans also come in a lighter wash.


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