This Fall, I Want to Spend $905 On a Single Pair of Socks

I don't look back at my ballet classes fondly. It's not necessarily because of my ability or inability to plié for hours or having to transition to en pointe on cue (actually, I can't do either of those things, but I digress…). The reason that I started to dislike taking ballet classes was because of my tights.

As a very dramatic child, the drama of ballet appealed to me. Between the slicked-back bun, bright pink blush, and elaborate costumes, dance recitals were practically my Super Bowl. However, the stockings were always the same, and even though I loved adding a little tear (it gave them some personality, in my opinion!), my teachers always made me swap them out with the slightest imperfection.

Nearly 15 years later, my question now is where were Miu Miu's embellished wool socks when I was taking dance classes? 

I understand that this pair doesn't necessarily scream 'ballerina,' but how good would they look styled with a tutu? These socks are so fun that, in my humble opinion, they're also worth not wearing pants for, even as the colder weather approaches. The only real flaw is that they cost $950, which is approximately $945 more than I've ever spent on a pair of socks.

On the other hand, they could actually be worth that near 1k price tag, not just because of Miuccia's irresistible sequin checkered design, but because they'll also make getting dressed this fall so easy. Oftentimes, when the weather gets colder, I get lazier. With each layer, I feel my soul leave my body ever so slightly, and my desire to put together an over-the-top look fades. Miu Miu's socks, however, do all the work. 

I can wear them with anything: chunky loafers, platforms, even Birkenstocks (hear me out), and I wouldn't have to do much else. They have the ability to transform a trash bag worn as a dress into a runway look, and honestly, there aren't many items out there that possess that kind of power. 

Miu Miu's $950 socks are the type of thing I grew up dreaming I'd wear — the type of thing I wish I had instead of tights. And for that reason, for a 14 year old me, I'm going to go ahead and buy them. And obviously dance in them in celebration.

Welcome to Big Ticket, a column that says 'wow that is expensive' and also 'we can not stop looking at it.' 

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