Three things you should never cook in your Air Fryer – I don’t care what anyone says, rice is out of the question | The Sun

UNLESS you've been living under a rock, you probably already know you can cook just about anything in an Air Fryer.

The handy kitchen gadget has halved the time it takes to cook some of our favourite foods and can help make things extra crispy too.

But one foodie revealed that there are some foods that won't work in an Air Fryer and should be cooked in other ways instead.

Nicole Jaques took to TikTok to share exactly what grub should stay far away from the kitchen staple and why.

First of all, anything with a lot of cheese on the top is a big no-no for the Air Fryer.

"The cheese is going to melt before your item is cooked and create a huge gooey mess," she expalined.


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But that doesn't mean you can't indulge in some cheesy goodness from you Air Fryer, just add the cheese "two minutes before your item is done cooking," Nicole suggested.

The second thing you should avoid Air Frying is rice.

It can be tempting to throw a bunch of rice in there and hope for the best, but it won't cook evenly, the foodie explained.

She said: "Even with the special inserts it never cooks evenly, just use a rice cooker instead."

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And if you've ever wanted to whip up a sweet treat in your Air Fryer, go right ahead, but maybe avoid cake dougnuts.

This is because the sour cream used to make the batter "is a flop in the Air Fryer."

"Don't try it," Nicole quipped.

Fellow foodies agreed with the tips as well as some shared their own Air Frying fails.

One said: Burgers never cook well."

"I did that today because I forgot to mix the cheese into the casserole, came out hard on top," a second shared.

And someone else wrote: "I've just got my first Air Fryer tonight and hadn't even considered the cheese thing so you've just saved me learning the hard way."

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