Thrifty mum updates her bland bathroom for just £15 using Poundland's stick-on tiles

A CRAFTY mum revamped her entire bathroom for a mere £15 – by shopping for bargains at Poundland. 

She shared a snap of her bland bathroom on Facebook, showing a fairly plain decor with boring white tiles. 

The mum headed to Poundland and grabbed a few packs of their trendy stick-on tiles, spending £15 in total.

She easily stuck them onto the wall, instantly giving the tired room a facelift.

The DIY fan shared her project to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, where the new bathroom look has been liked hundreds of times.

She said: “Revamped my bathroom with “Clever Tiles” from Poundland. 

“All in all cost me about £15 to tile this part. 

“Bargain! Great quality too and easy to apply.” 

People are in awe of her redecoration, with one person saying: “Lovely…… They've brought it to life.” 

A second wrote: “Wow this is fabulous.” 

A third commented: “Looks really nice, I'm always worried I'll get into a sticky mess. We'll done you.” 

This person thought:  “Looks amazing!!”

While another added: “Nice job.” 

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