Tiffany Haddish’s Hero Beauty Product Is Turpentine (Yes Turpentine!) Soap

Tiffany Haddish doesn't drench her skin in luxurious lotions and potions to get a glowing complexion. Instead, she relies on a basic bar soap she discovered on Amazon.

"So beauty-wise I wash my face with the same thing I wash my body with, which is this pure spearmint gum, turpentine soap mixed with olive oil that I found on Amazon," Haddish, 41, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue on newsstands nationwide Friday.

"I'm assuming it's $8. It gets rid of eczema, dry spots, rashes and stuff like that," the actress says of the Diamond G Forest Products soap. "It's so good. I had told one of my co-stars [about it] because she was saying her baby had eczema. I said, 'Try this soap.' So I gave it to her. She was like, 'Tiffany it's good, the eczema's gone!'"

Haddish loves the turpentine soap so much, she typically uses it from head to toe before continuing with the rest of her beauty regimen.

"Then when I'm trying to get the makeup off at night, I'll use the Tatcha makeup oil remover, or coconut oil, which is way cheaper! I soak my face in that, wash it off and then I'll use castor oil on my eyelids to help make my eyelashes grow," she says.

While the comedian's cleansing routine may be low-maintenance, she's never been afraid to go bold with her look — like last year when she decided to completely shave her head.

"I love the hair! Or the non-hair," Jimmy Fallon said to Haddish during her appearance on  The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in August. She replied, "I'm loving it too."

The Like a Boss star told Fallon she has "always wanted" to shave her head and has been talking about doing it for years. With no public appearances or red carpet events to attend due to the coronavirus pandemic, she felt like this summer was the perfect time to finally take the plunge.

"This whole quarantine and everything made me think, 'Why not now? I'm not going to be on any red carpets.' And if I do have to be on anything, they always put my in wigs anyways," she shared. "Let's just go for it! I wanted to know what I looked like from my head to my toe; who am I from head to toe."

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