Trends Come and Go, but Kamala Harris's Pearls Are Here to Stay

Kamala Harris keeps it real when it comes to her outfits. We all know politicians are scrutinized for the messages they convey through their clothing, but Kamala’s look isn’t complicated. She wears Converse sneakers when she wants to because they’re functional and comfortable, and they allow her to move quickly and get sh*t done when she’s on the campaign trail. She paints a bold backdrop behind the messages she delivers in her power colors. And it appears she wears sensible pearls, too, just because she likes them. Of course, the necklace is timeless, and a sophisticated choice at that, when the majority of Harris’s wardrobe falls into the workwear category.

But Kamala doesn’t just stick to one strand of pearls. She has curated an impressive collection over the years — starting with the elegant choker she wore for her Howard University graduation photo in 1986. Harris has shared this image across her social platforms, causing many people to make the connection to her personal style. By making the pearl necklace a seamless part of her uniform, and swapping out her favorite iterations depending on her outfit, she’s not just participating in fashion or acknowledging trends, she’s defining her authentic taste.

Whatever reason pearls are special to Kamala, she clearly treasures them. Most importantly, she wears them in a way that’s relatable — throwing them on when they look good or flow with the rest of her ensemble, but do not necessarily stand out to make an intentional statement. Maybe that’s why we keep our eyes peeled for them whenever she steps out to make a speech or greet a crowd — Kamala’s pearls are also a beautiful sign of comfort.

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