We couldn't afford a posh tiled front path so gave our boring concrete slabs a makeover for £50 and it worked wonders | The Sun

IN A bid to update the boring concrete slabs in front of her house, one woman decided to save some money and create the look for less.

Becky Horner wasn't a fan of the dull grey slabs on her front path, but didn't want to fork out for expensive tiles.

The DIY whizz decided to give the boring concrete a bit of an update anyway and used a stencil and some paint to create a similar look for less.

"When you can't afford a tiled front path… paint your concrete slabs," she captioned the clip on TikTok.

She used a large plastic stencil with a pattern to match the vibe of her Victorian home.

Before painting the fake tiles on, she coated all the concrete slabs in white masonry paint, which she bagged from Wilko for £26.


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Once it was dry it was time to create the stencilled tiles, which you can buy from DIY shops, but are also available from Amazon for as little as £4.99.

She made sure to tape the stencil down to stop it from moving, and then got to work creating the make-shift tiles.

Becky used two different colours on the stencil, black for the main pattern and a dusty pink colour from Frenchic for the centre and corners, which cost £21.95

The DIY whizz then peeled back the stencil to reveal a posh pattern on top of the concrete and repeated the steps again, filling each slab with the pattern.

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Things started coming together after she finished two of the concrete slabs and the paint looked more like real tiles.

Impressed with the bargain project, one DIY fan admitted they want to try it out for themselves.

They commented on the video: "The white looked fantastic, but you kept going and it turned out amazing!

"You've inspired me to recreate your masterpiece."

And a second said: "Looks good, would love to see the whole path done."

Becky assured them the path was coming along nicely.

"It's just a time consuming process," she said.

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